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Hello Music Lovers 🤘,,,,
Are you ready for the contest? Yes it's been a long time there is no contest is going on Musicforsteem. That's why Myself @isha.ish & my partner @roy.sajib have decided to arrange a beautiful contest in #musicforsteem. We have selected a particular Theme for that contest named "Monsoon Special Contest"


I believe there is no one in the world who doesn't like rain 🌧️ or rainy season. I think for that reason thousands of song has been created with the beauty of rain and and rainy season. So friends let's make another great Event with the Title called "Monsoon Special Contest"


  1. Share your music video in the #musicforsteem Community. You can sing accompanying yourself either with instrument(s) or track. Instrumental entries will not be accepted.

  2. The song must be related with rain or rainy season.

  3. Before Started singing must say, "Music For steem Monsoon Special Contest"

  4. Title your post like this: Music For Steem- Monsoon Special Contest- "song name" By @"your username"

  5. Write a little bit about the song why you like it most, mention the name of the original artist and The lyrics also.

  6. Use the tags #monsoonspecial #musicforsteem #steemexclusive #country name (like #india)

  7. Don't forget to your Share your entry in the below comment section.

  8. One-man one entry only.

  9. And off course Resteem this post 😊

Entries after 7-6-2021 will not be acceptable.
And the winners announcement , prizes distribution will be given at 10-6-2021.

For this round the total prizes will be 20 STEEM!


First Place : 10 Steem

Second Place : 6 Steem

Third Place : 4 Steem

So Guys here is all the details about the Contest. If you have any doubt please feel free to comment.

But remember, every contestants have to follow the rules properly , otherwise his/her entry will not be approved for this Monsoon Special Contest.

@diosmarymaiz1 @donatello @gaborockstar @cmp2020 @tarpan @rishabh99946 @sapwood @neerajkr03 @rajib833 @kyrie1234 @anatolianwishdom @sduttaskitchen @nishika @shemzee @sandupi

Hope you guys will support me a lot in my very first attempt. @musicforsteem I'm really greatful to have such an amazing platform like this. Please pinned up my post for making this Contest more colourful.

Stay safe & Stay with music.
Steem on.........❤️

@isha.ish & @roy.sajib



Great news lady... Go music!.. regards from Venezuela.

Thank you so much dear 💞

W😍😍😍W..... Beautiful theme @isha.ish. We all are love to the rain. This contest will be a good contest for all the music lovers 😍😍😍

Thank you so much for replying me. I'm waiting for your voice ... Sweety

It's a nice singing contest. I'm looking forward to see a great participation from the community.

But the problem is ,But I don't know the present admin of musicforsteem, moreover I need to pin my post there otherwise this Contest will loss it's Beauty. @neerajkr03

@cryptokannon, I am not sure who is the admin so checking with you, can we please do something to pin this post?

Hi @neerajkr03 I just get in touch with the admin and they have appointed me as Mod. I will pinned this post now. Thanks for informing me.

I am really grateful to you dear @cryptokannon and @neerajkr03 . Thank you so much 💓. I can't express how much I love music and singing and yes @musicforsteem has changed my life truly. This is my first attempt to run a contest in my most favorite community. Hope I'll have the same support from both of you guys.. 🙏🤘

Great, thank you!

Great initiative, keep it up 😊 @isha.ish

Thank you dd..

oo wao this is very good opportunity for us to show our talent of voice.

Thank you 😊

Wow great. After a long period there is a contest in this Music Community. I hope @musicforsteem will pin this post.

Thank you dada.

I think this will be best ❤️

Hopefully my bro @rajib833 is ready to participate in this contest. I'm waiting for your voice❤️😊🌻

Yes of course 😊

Magnifica idea y tema para el concurso, espero participar. Te deseo muchos éxitos!

 3 years ago (edited)

Muchas gracias ☺️

Thank you so much for your support 🙏😊

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