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Dear friends, nice to greet you again! Today life gives me a new opportunity to return to the blog after a long time. Without going into much detail, it has not been an easy year at home, but gradually the river is taking its cause.

Of course to make my first post after so long I must do it through music, which is the only way of life I know. So today I share a body of a classic Venezuelan folklore.

The song is called "Barlovento", and belongs to the composer and friend Eduardo Serrano. Among so many musical encounters, Master Serrano once personally commissioned us to recover the original lyrics through our work as singers and choir directors, and this is precisely what I want to broadcast today through this post.

This video was recorded by user @zorajr with a Samsung Galaxy 3 and the presentation image is a capture edited with the PhotoDirector 2020 app. I hope you liked the body and remember that it is on our youtube channel to help me spread the original lyrics of the piece. Thank you all for the attention you give me and I hope to continue posting more often than in the old days. Best regards!

Barlovento, Barlovento,
Tierra ardiente del tambor,
Tierra de las fulías y negras finas,
Que llevan de fiesta
Sus cinturas prietas
Y al son de la curbeta
Y el taki-taki de la mina.
Y al son de la curbeta
Y el taki-taki de la mina.

Sabroso que mueve el cuerpo
La barloventeña cuando camina,
Sabroso que suena el takiti-taki-taki
Sobre la mina.
Que vengan los conunqueros
Para el baile de San Juan,
Que la mina está templada pa' cerra'
El tikita-tikitá, tikita-kita-tikitá.
Que vengan los conunqueros
Para el baile de san juan,
Que la mina está templada pa’ terminar
El tikita-tikitá, tikita-kita-tikitá.

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