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RE: [DEV.SUPPORT] Steem Keychain Mobile 개발 및 유지보수 비용 지원 알림

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Good afternoon. I analyze steemworld and those who are currently in the top in terms of quantity upvote count + SP

I suggest paying attention to my initiative that I am doing to increase activity in the community. Now this is happening in our local community, but the initiative can be transferred to other communities or topics.

The idea is to support the most active participant of the day. And my offer to join you in order to give out 1 UPVOTE daily as support for the participant who scored the most points.

This will help the STEEMIT community as a whole to increase the activity and quality of participation. For you, as a curator, this may also be interesting, since the post of the participant who scored the highest score will be supported by many other participants, because I will negotiate with many.

What are your thoughts on this idea?
An example of a rating post I'm talking about is on my blog:

Sorry if you think this is an annoying ad. Leaving a comment is one of the ways of communication and I decided to use it.

Thank you very much for your attention!


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