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RE: Steemit Pakistan Delegation reward distribution to the generous delegators


Hello Respected:

I want to deligate 500sp in Steemit Pakistan. Please send me link of deligation. What are the benefits of deligation 500sp.??

 last year 

There are quick delegation links at the end of this post. You can choose the 500sp option. It will take you to another link where you will have to confirm the delegation by giving your Active key.

You will get the delegation rewards and get vote support accordingly.

 last year 

Dear, You may delegate steemir-pak by going through
Let me know if you face any problem so tjat I can guide you completely about the process.

Moreover, You will receive weekly/Monthly rewards in Your wallet from steemit-pak for the delegation amount you delegated.

The basic purpose behind delegating steem power to steemit-pak is to make this comminity account more strong and valueable so that every member of the community can benefit from it.

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