My View On My Country Cameroon " The Three Rs and Three Cs"

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Hello beautiful steemians greetings i hope you all are doing perfectly well in this beautiful platform. I am so delighted to participate in this community for my very first time . And i feel so good to be part of this greate contest /S1 talking about my country i believe you all will enjoy my country.

Cameroon is a developing country in the Centre part of Africa with a population of about 26million people Cameroon is the only countryin Africa that speak both Englishand French . With the greater part of the country speaking French which is the French Cameroon and she gotten her independence in 1st January 1960 while the English part of the country know as the British Cameroon gotten her own independence in 1st October 1961. Though they are now 1 and headed by a single president president Paul Biya and head of government Joseph Diongute and 85 ministers with it's capital in the Centre part of the country call Yaounde.

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The flag of my country is Green , Red and Yellow wifh a golden star.

-The green signifies fertility of the land.
-The red represents unity
-The yellow stands the sun
-And the star stand for unity .

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Fertile Soil

1, Fertile Soil .
Cameroon is one of the country's in the world with rich and fertile soil.

With the help of the fertile soil agriculture is one of the activity most Cameroonians are engaged in.

The fertile soil have permitted my country to be able to produce and supply quality food stuffs within and out of the country.

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Plantains, irish potatoes , rice , maize, palm oil and fruits are some of the agricultural products people in my country are strongly engaged in.

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2, Good touristic environment
There are over 100 touristic sites in Cameroon .
Which are mountains, beaches, zoo's, sea port, water bodies, hotels, caves,
Mount cameroon is located in the south west region it's elevation is about 4,040m. And the government always host an international competition every year for athletes to climb the mountain.

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Limbe beach is one of the touristic side in the country the comfort of the area and the development of the town really bring in alot of people.

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Cameroon have somany Zoo's fornthe purpose of tourism and they keep somany species of animals qnd birds like lions, elephants, monkeys, snakes, parrots pigin etc.

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3 Sports
My Country is one of the best sport country's in Africa especially in football.

We have won the African cup of nations 5 times first in 1984, 1988, 2000 , 2002 and 2017 we hosted the last edition and we won the 3rd place.

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and we have qualified for the world cup
8 times more than any other other country in Africa and we will be present in Qatar for the 2022 World cup.

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With alot of projects put in place this year to develop and improve sports from youths to veteran football thank to the newly elected president of Fecafoot Samuel Eto'o for his greate job.

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Cameroon have provided greate lagends in football like Samuel Eto'o and Roger Milla
and equally one of the heavyweight world championship Francise Ngannou.

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Three Things I Will like To See My Country Change

The on going political crisis between the English speaking and the French speaking regions.

Since the out break of this crisis in 2016 Cameroon have lost over 5000 lives and over 1 million of people internally displayed and some and some are seeking refuge in neighbouring countries like Nigeria and alot of properties destroyed.

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Patterning this ongoing civil war alot of social activities have slow down. Schools in most villages in the two English speaking regions have short down and some of them burnt down.

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My greatest dream is seeing the govern solve the issues and life coming back to normal in the country especially in the Northwest and Southwest region.

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2, Poor Roads infrastructure
Though Cameroon is a developing country the poor roads in the country is really something else. In the rainy season it's really a nightmare

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Every year there is increase in the number of cars in the streets but the roads still remain the same with little or no maintainance .

I will like to see my country increase the length of roads and make sure to be maintaining the roads regularly.

[Photos snapped by me with Samsung galaxy s21]

3,Embezzlement and corruption

They say the youths are the leaders of tomorrow but that is not the case in Cameroon all big positions in the country are occupied by age and elderly people. And embezzlement and corruption is the every day discussion.

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After school with alot of quality education youths still move arround the streets jobless.

Even the president of the country have been in the post for about 40 years and his cabinet are the same like him we wish to one day see a change in power.

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My greatest wish is to one day see young people in power and occupying great positions in the country.


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to write about what i like and dislike about my country and thanks alot for reading my post . I am a patriotic Cameroon and all i dream is to one day see my country develop.


Is good that the soil is fertile because it will help the farmers and others to have more and good farm produce like the one you showed in the picture, I wish you success.

I really like this country because everything there looks like my country and cameroon use to gaint in Africa soccer. Thank you very much for sharing such content.

 2 years ago (edited)

For real Cameroon is bless when it comes to soccer. Thanks alot for reading and tha ks for your brilliant comment

Hello @wyzcekunited, Cameroon is other country I want to know, I know you have a great football team and in your pics you are showing what a great an rich is your crop.

 2 years ago (edited)

Thanks very much for reading i beg you to go back and read the post again . I got some relevant stuufs added there

 2 years ago 

Please i beg you to go and read bag my post . I have edited the post

I have read it friend and I still think that you live in a wonderful country

You have rightly said it all.Cameroon is really blessed with fertile soil involved inthe cultivation of Banana,palm oil etc .Most places have enough water enough water to to drink,cook and used .Cameroon with wounderful players like Vincent Abubakar ,Fai Collins just to name a few .Also with a fomer guru player as Cameroon coach .Cameroon performance during the African nation cup 2022 was not bad .Bad is one the things affecting Cameroon as you rightly said ,corruption is the worst case and with the Englophone crisis . Let pray and hope the government Of Cameroon should solve all these challenges

 2 years ago 

Thanks alot for reading my post and thanks for your brilliant comment

 2 years ago 

Que bonito es ver la hermosura de un país extranjero, con tierras tan fértiles y un pueblo dispuesto a salir adelante, a pesar de la guerra civil que están viviendo!

Por cierto, les deseo mucho éxito al fútbol en catar 2022 🥳...

Espero que la corrupción acabe en su país pronto, y puedan arreglar las carreteras, que Camerún pueda tener carreteras dignas... Saludos y muchas bendiciones!!! 🤗

You did well to give detail explaination about your country Cameroon which also happens to be my country. I love the way you explain the aspect of sports, I can boost that Cameroon has the strongest football team presently and I believe they will go far in the World cup at Qarta

That's really nice, I need to come to Cameroon, with all this description, is really a lovely place to visit indeed.

 2 years ago 

For real Cameroon is a nice and lovely place to visit and catch fun

Yeah, it is of no doubt Cameroons perform fantastic in the football part, quite some legends you've got on there, it's nice to hear Cameroon also have good products of soils.

I for one always believe the country speaks only french, but I am still wondering why the language speaks should be an issue in the first place, well, bad governance has always been a thing with most countries, if you line 10 users up, I am sure 9 out of 10 had the same complaint about its country governance, I hope the change we yearn for come sooner.

Great entry, by the way, all the best!!

 2 years ago 

Thanks alot for reading.
20% of the country speack English 2 regions out of 10. We the English speaking people have always believe the French people are not treating us well. Because they have all the power in the country

You have done a great job friend, you have written great about your country,i love what your country produces, your land is really fertile and i love fruits too. We all hope for better governance in our countries, God will help us.

 2 years ago 

Thanks for taking your precious time to go through my post. That is our every day prayers better governance and we believe it will one day come to past

I never knew Cameroon is this great, I love the fertility of your soil but I guess Nigeria has a more fertile soil 🏃🏃🏃.

Thank you very much for giving this detailed explanation of your country, I have added it to the list of countries I'll visit soon ✅

 2 years ago 

I am so happy to one day received you in my country. Believe me you will enjoy the place . As for fertile soil i bow to nigeria oh

 2 years ago 

❤ 😍 💖 ❣

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