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Hello steemit users !
Here i am.
My Name is Ubaid ur Rehman.I am from Islamabad and belong to Gilgit Baltistan.
I joined steemit platform in 2017 and after joining of 7 month steemit become more popular at that Time.
Steem Dollar sbd reach $13 when i was using.
I withdraw some money at that time and left this platform after using 2 year.
Now i Come back to this Platform again and when i see this community then I joined it.
Hopefully i will get help from this Community.
And Now i am back to the steemit platform again.
Thanks all of you to Read my post.

Hopefully Now I become Regular user of Steemit.

 6 months ago 

Hi @usahil welcome back to steemit
Good to see you back on steemit platform .
And welcome to Steemit Pakistan community ,
You can make your indroduction post ( achievment1) in New Commers Community for verification .

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