Ramadan Mubarak | The Diary Game | 8-Apr-2022

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Hey, Assalam u alaikum.

First of all Happy Ramadan (Ramadan Mubarak) to all muslims. May ALLAH give you long and healthy life with the charity of Ramazan-ul-Mubarak ❤

I know i am very late but i was soo much busy because of my exams i still have exams so i couldn't write single post on steemit.
Exams should be banned in Ramadan and I think that's what all students want 🙂

So start from 6-Apr (4th Ramadan)
Actually i am studying in textile college i am doing 3 years diploma of textile before this i became hafiz-e-quran 5 years ago the purpose of telling is that i am hafiz-e-quran.
Anyway i came home from my friend's home because i go to his home daily for performing taraveeh ❤
I came from his home and took dinner with my family i was very excited and i was waiting for clash between Chelsea vs Real Madrid in which Real Madrid won the match with 2 goals lead as i told you in my previous posta i am madrid fan so i enjoyed match.
All players was unstoppable and gorgeous. Kroos dominated midfield i watched old KCM yesterday at Stamford Bridge.
Militao and Alaba was beast yesterday and if we talk about Thibaut Courtois ahhhhhhh how i tell you about the magician Courtois was excellent as ever 🤍


  • NOTE : This picture was taken from Real Madrid C.F. official facebook page

I enjoyed match after match i opened my notes and had been studied for 30 minutes then i did workout i did leg workout only because i have been shoulder injury for few days i still feel pain in my shoulder hope it will be better In Sha ALLAH so then i went to washroom and took bath and did sehri.
Muazzin called for prayers then i went to mosque with my father and brothers ❤
After namaz i came back and recited Holy Quran and slept i had to go college for exam but i slept i woke up at 9:05am i had to go at 9:30am so i left home quickly without taking bath.
I did my exam and left college after 1 hour.

I came back to home i had nothing to do so i did rest and used cellphone.
At 1:30pm i performed namaz-e-zohar

Then i went to barber shop for cutted my hairs and came back to home my mother gave me a slip of iftari stuff i went to mart and bought stuff and came back to home i helped my mother to made iftari yeah ok a lit bit but i did.😊

Then i took nap and woke up at asar's time i made wazu and went to mosque and performed namaz i heard Holy Quran from my friend who reciting taraveeh with me then i ran to home because i was late adn washed my hand and joined family members and did iftari 😋


Then went to mosque and performed namaz and returned back to home and prepared myself for taraveeh then i left home and went to my friend's home after taraveeh i came back to home and wore football kit and went ground and played football with my friends and now i am in home and writing this post hope you all like it.

Thank You for coming on my post, Gracias.

Again Happy Ramadan (Ramadan Mubarak) ❤

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