RAMADAN JUMMA | The Diary Game | 23-Apr-2022

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Hey, Assalamualaikum.

How are you all steemians hope you all fine and enjoying this beautiful and blessing month of ramadan May ALLAH accept our fast and grant us happy and healthy life. Ameen

As you know, In the month or ramadan there are 3 parts of it (3 Ashra) first one Ashra Rehmat, Ashra Maghfirat, Ashra Nijaat.
And you know after sunset, a new day begins from an Islamic point of view.
Now the last ashra of ramadan have started May ALLAH teach us the value of this ashra.
And i request you to all my muslims brothers and sisters please recite this dua often

So let's start from yesterday because i was busy in some work i couldn't write the post and couldn't tell about my day.
Yesterday i returned to home after playing football as usual i did workout and woke my mother up for sehri she made sehri then i woke all of family members and we did sehri.
After sehri i went to mosque and performed namaz-e-fajar and listened bayan from mufti sahab.
He told about our beloved Muhammad (P.B.U.H)'s life and asked us help your womens in home work. Womens do alot of work especially in Ramadan thier work increases so help them in kitchen or other works.
After listened bayan i came back to home my eyes were full of sleep i lyed on the bed and slept.

Then i woke up at around 1pm i took shower and changed my clothes and went to mosque i had nothing to do so i sat in mosque.
After hour i returned home and went to mart and bought iftari stuff then i came back to home and used mobilephone.
Then again i went to mosque and performed namaz
After namaz i put up the curtains and made a tent for my elder brother because he had to do Aitekaaf.
As you in last ashra of Ramadan many people do aitekaaf in mosque so he wanted to do.
After preparation of tent i went back to home and took blanket, mattress, pillow and other stuff to the mosque.
Then i came back to home and then my brother did ALLAH hafiz to our family and left home before iftari.
Then we arrived at mosque i asked him for iftari, he forbade. I came back to home and did iftari and we really missed him at that moment then i went to mosque for namaz-e-magrib after that i wore shalwar kameez and prepared myself for taraweeh i had to go on my friend's khatm-ul-quran he completed his taraweeh yesterday but i forgot when i reached at mosque i remembered i had to go there then i only performed farz namaz and went to his home on his special day i met with him and nice to saw him i appreciated him and gave wishes to him this was very proud moments for him. They managed dinner and first gave us sweets (Pista mithai) i don't eat rice so i didn't eat had to hurry somewhere so i did ALLAH hafiz to him and left his home and went for some work. After that i went to my brother and asked him for anything he said i did dinner already only bring the tea then i came back to home and told my sister she made tea then i went again in mosque and gave him tea and biscuits. He did thank to me then i returned to home and i was tired so i slept at sehri time today is the first day that i slept otherwise i wake up till sehr time my mother woke me up and we did sehri then went tp mosque then i brought pot to the home and now i am writing this post hope you like it and as i told you dua of last ashra please recite it often and Mufti Sahab said one more thing he said "Do alot of dua in this blessing month mor and more" ❤

Thank you for coming on my post, Gracias.

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God willing, your post is very sweet and may God accept your reading on Friday

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JazakALLAH 🤗

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