IMTIAZ SUPER MARKET | The Diary Game | 1-Mar-2022

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Hey, Assalamualaikum.

As you all know today is shab-e-meraj so happy shab-e-meraj to all muslims.❤

How are you all steemians hope you all fine and enjoy your healthy and blessed life.

Let's start about today

No start from yesterday night i slept early at yesterday night because I wanted to get up and fast during tahajjud time.

So i woke up at 3am made wadhu and performed tahajjud, recited Holy Quran and then i did sehri for fast.

After sehri i didn't sleep i was awake and performed namaz-e-fajar at 6:15am after namaz-e-fajar i went to my bed and slept for couple of hours.

I woke up at around 12am and took bath.

After performed namaz-e-zohar i went to imtiaz super market for grocery i was hungry because of fast so i sat in my car and my mother was buying things.


Then we returned back to home i played dls in my Android and watched TV 📺

Nothing special was streaming i wanted a football highlights but no single channel streamed football match.

So i watched wrestling and played dls in my mobile phone.


Then i went to mosque and performed asar's salah i sat in park and played with kids then went to shop for buy iftari for myself there was a lot of rush so i returned back to home because it was time for iftar.

So i opened my fast with cakerusk fruits and sweets

After this i sat with my friends in park and we talked about our day and about football matches i told to my friend i couldn't eat samosa at iftar time so we went to bakery and bought samosas we really enjoyed it 😅


So that's my day hope you like it what i write

Thank you for coming on my post, Gracias.

 2 years ago 

Awesome diary.

 2 years ago 

You had a good day 👍

 2 years ago 


Ahan!!! . Yummy Samosas... It's my favorite. And my mouth filled with water😁😁😂

 2 years ago 

Hahaha be patience you'll get this 😂

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