A day with family | The Diary Game | 27-Mar-2022

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Hey, Assalamualaikum.

How are you all steemians hope you all fine and enjoying your healthy life.

So let's start about my sunday.

So i woke up at around 6am for namaz-e-fajar. After performed namaz-e-fajar i recited Holy Quran Pak for 10 - 15 mins then i went to area crossing with my friends for breakfast.
We did breakfast together and talked alot.

Then we came back to home so i had nothing to do so i slept and woke up at 12:45am then i took shower and changed my clothes and went to mosque and performed namaz-e-zohar.

I returned back to home my father said to me bring the car from parking and clean it.
So i brought the car from parking and cleaned the car.
Then i left home with my whole family except my older brother because he had some work so first we went to petrol pump and refueled the car.

After half hour we arrived at light house and i was finding ronaldo sport (shop) on google map with my father we walked alot after 20 mins we found sport shop basically we went light house for my football shoes so we went there but they didn't have football stuts they had only grippers i felt sad but i purchased psg jersey (old season jersey) and 1 trouser from ronaldo sport.


I was sad for shoes but my father said don't be sad we will purchase next time so i said ok to him.
Then we went to zainab market and ate biryani and burger.
After eating my mother said to father let's go to tariq road 🤦🏻‍♂️

I was seeing at my watch again and again because i go to park daily to play football after namaz-e-asar first we went to mosque and perfomed namaz-e-asar i thought we were going to home i was happy but my father didn't take car to home.

I felt so sad 😞 after 20 mins we arrived at tariq road i told them i was sitting in car, you go.
Because i knew they would walk alot.
So i watched movie in car after 30mins my father came and said to me let's go for namaz. We went to mosque and performed namaz-e-magrib and as i knew they would walk alot then my father got tired in ladies shopping 🤭


They came came back to car with many shopping bags then we went to hotel (California Pizza) and ordered
-1 small fajita
-1 large supreme
-1 sandwich




We were talking i was happy but a lil but sad about playing football i was really missing football but i was enjoying moments with my family.❤

After 20mins our order came and we ate all stuff and really enjoyed it.
It was so yummy i recommend you to go California pizza.


Then we returned to home and performed namaz
Now i am so tired and my belly is so full 😂

Hope you guys like it.
Thank you for coming on my post, Gracias.

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You enjoyed with your family...

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Food is looking very yummy . And yea you had a quality time with your father.
باپ گھنا سایہ ❤️

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You must have a great day with the your father.
Father is greatest blessing of Allah Almighty.

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Yes Alhamdulillah ❤
I had a great day. how you ladies walk a lot? 😶

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