Steemit Pakistan Donation of Funds Account @pak-charity- Contribution In The Light To Humanity. [First Donation From Steemit-pak : 30 Steem]

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Steemit-pak was created 200+ Days Ago Since than we have been Helping Every Community Member but that is just Around We Could say Inside The Box but what about outside the Steemit ?

We have seen many people who can't Afford Smartphones,Laptops and other Accessories to access the world of internet and if they can they can't Write Due to illiteracy.

Due to illiteracy they are unable to get jobs in a good profession as in these days even people having prosperous Degrees are Jobless.

Steemit Pakistan Donation of Funds Account is created to help every person who is in need that's not about only poor, It Would help our Community Members in Emergency but we do believe that our members are already earning good amount and we are always trying best to promote our Dedicated Members.

So we would try best to focus over Poor Only Who Don't Beg for Money But are Helpless.

We would be posting daily/weekly/monthly Reports of Donations and Also We will be posting where did we donated the money.

Before Telling others to Donate we are taking the First Step To empower The Donation Account.

As the auspicious month of Ramzan is also arriving, why don't we step ahead and make some charity and donations to the needy people? Our Team would be setting their post's 40% beneficiary to @pak-charity. It would be great if all of you follow the team's initiative and do the same or if you want, you can do more or lesser than this. We are waiting for your response. In the end, it is for the good points that we want to earn for the day of judgement❤

Proof Of Donation


Remember your every step could save life of People

We would Request Everyone To Take Part in the contribution Towards Humanity....

We are Really ThankFul To Steemit Team who Helped us Reaching This Place !
steemcurator01 steemcurator02 and steemitblog.

 8 months ago 

What would be the procedure if someone wants to help a needy? Like I know someone who is needy, how should I go about it?

Asking this on behalf of everyone.
@haidermehdi @hassanabid @rashid001

 8 months ago 

You can contribute by telling us the details about that needy person and together we are going to help that person :) InshaAllah ❤️

 8 months ago 

Share the details with the Country Representatives and they'll come out with the best news possible. We all shall be working together to help the needy ones around in shaa Allah.

Really good initiative, may ALLAH help you to increase donations in coming Ramadan.

 8 months ago 

Great initiative to help the poors, highly appreciated! Will do my best to contribute in this charity every week.

 8 months ago 

Ma Sha Allah
Such a great initiative from @steemit-pak.
May Allah SWT bless our community and the people who are working hard here. ❤️

 8 months ago 

Great initiative I will try my best to donate something

It's a great initiative , and noble work .
May Allah help you for this. Because you care so much about people

It is a great initiative to make a charity account. In this way, we can help poor and needy people by collecting funds from the steem.

I will also contribute to its initiative by setting my posts rewards 25% for the @pak-charity.

You are Doing a great job and InshAllah If I have some Steem, I will definitely give this Steem

Great initiative as always by @steemit-pak
Every good cause is supported by Allah SWT, may Allah SWT bless everyone working in this cause..

 8 months ago 

Really a great initiative and Inshallah will give my contribution to this noble cause.


 8 months ago 

In Sha ALLAH , I will do my best to contribute to help the needy..

 8 months ago 

It's a great initiative. I would try my best to contribute as well.

Am in need of help 😔😭😭

 8 months ago 

we would require your details and from which country you belong alongside proof as we are Online and not physical we cannot trust everyone :)

Ok steemit-pak what and what are required to prove myself so I will be trusted as well please

 8 months ago 

Great initiative from your side. May Allah bless us

 8 months ago 

It's a great initiative.....God bless you.

 8 months ago (edited)

It's good initiative team @steemit-pak here is small donation by me :)
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