Biggest Achievement Unlocked | Steemit-Pak Has Achieved 10x Dolphin Now | Primary ORCA Goal Reached!

in STEEMIT PAKISTAN2 years ago

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-Especially created by @haidermehdi

It is an Immense Pleasure to announce that the STEEMIT PAKISTAN has reached another milestone and has achieved 50,035 Steem Power on the official account. We have not imagined this growth without the support of you guys.


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This wasn't possible without the Support of the Steemit Team who trusted us and took us to this level with our complete dedication to powerups and posting. We have been doing our best to maintain comments on each and every post of the community and upvote all posts that are in the Steemit Pakistan Community. The Admins and Mods are doing their best to maintain control over the quality of the posts. We have also focused on not getting self votes and distributing as many upvotes as possible.

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We're proud of our members who work for the community and keep adding content to the community. We are POWERING UP for a long time and because of continually powering up we have achieved this much in a short span of time. How is powering up helping us? This will not only help us increase our steem power but will also help us in getting better support for our members. All this that we have now is because of the hard work of our members who were there with us for the last two months as well where there was only booming who we relied upon!

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Our next goal is to Reach 11x Dolphin As fast as we can. We are strongly motivated towards future of steemit-pak and all the members who are working here. We are planning best strategies for the powerups so that we can make this account much more powerful than it is now.

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Thanks to Steemit Team & @steemcurator01 for the constant support of The Community, We have made Community our First Priority...!

Do let us know if you are having any queries.

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Very great achievment!! Happy 10x dolphin day to you

 2 years ago 

Congratulations to the entire community for this achievement. Way to go 👏🏻

 2 years ago 

MashaaAllah it's a big achievement.
Congratulations @steemit-pak

 2 years ago 

Mashallah Congratulations 🎉🎉. It's just the beginning Inshallah you all will get more accomplishments on steemit and thanks for supporting us.

 2 years ago 

Many many congratulations to achieving big achievement. Stay blessed

The Great achievement. Congratulations on your successful achievement 10X Dolphin Status.

Wish you more success. Happy 10X Dolphin Day 👍😊

 2 years ago 

Congratulations on this biggest achievement

 2 years ago 

Loads of congratulations to the most dedicated admins and hardworking moderators who are always there to help us even in the middle of the night. ❤️
With this passion and united members, Steemit Pakistan will acheive many more milestones in the future, InshAllah.

 2 years ago 

Congratulations,it is great news.It is your hard work to achieve this achievement.

 2 years ago 

Masha Allah . It's biggest Achievement.
Congratulations 🏆

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