#club75 II New year Power up II Power up 510 steems II On the way to be stronger on steemit II 50% payout to steemit-pak

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Hello everyone. This is @sherazsultan. I hope you all are okay and and enjoying the winter with running noses. First of all, a very happy new year to everyone. We should plan out routes to become more powerful on steemit by powering up. Power up is so important for the platform, community and and for ourselves. We would be great influencer with high power up.

I have resolution to support the #club100 in near future. Currently i am the member of #club75. I am very thankful to curators for supporting me. I hope they will continue to support me in future too so that i can achieve my goal of becoming a member of #club100.

My this week power up

I have powered up 510 steems and have planned to continue to power up in future.

Screenshot (7191).png

Screenshot (7192).png

Screenshot (7193).png

My Power up History of last 2 months

Screenshot (7190)_LI.jpg

Thanks to @haidermehdi @vvarishayy @hassanabid @steemit-pak


Very Nice Power Up, frequent Power Up will make your account stronger. Hope you reach Dolphin status soon.

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