Adverse Effects Of Online Games || 28/4/2022 || by @SeaPearl

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Assalam-O-Alaikum & hello beautiful Steem family! I'm fine Alhamdulillah and I pray to God for your well-being. I pray that you all will always be happy, may Allah remove your worries and grant perfect health to the sick Aameen. Today's topic is the situation caused by online games. So without time waste, let's move toward the topic.



Growing Losses Of Online Games

At present, the trend of teenage boys and girls running away from home to get married in Pakistan has caused great concern to the entire country. Like Karachi's Dua Zahra and Zaheer Ahmed ran away from home and got married. The two became friends on PUBG and this friendship grew so much that Dua Zahra left home and got married to Zaheer Ahmed. This is not the first time that someone has run away from home because of online games but because of these online games not only children have left home but also many lives have been lost. The question arises as to how long the prarents will cause grief and anxiety due to these online games.

The Trend Of Online Games

While the trend of online games has increased a lot all over the world, children in Pakistan also seem to be engaged in big online games on their smartphones. The intoxication of these games is so great that no one wants to leave them. Online game developers have fake prizes and money for children's attractions. Those who keep children addicted to games.

Violent & Aggressive Games

In today's fast-paced life where everyone is busy logging in. Even parents are so busy that they lack time for their children. And they don't let that feel like they're busy playing mobile games. Prarents don't even know what aggressive games their engagements lead children to. How dangerous these games are for the mental and physical development of children can be gauged from the fact that the head has gone through the water.

Deterioration In Society

Online games have created a strange mess in society. Now the people sitting nearby are also mentally far away from you. An online game called Blue Whale recently reported the deaths of many young people around the world. Another such game is PUBG, where many people can play together and talk to each other. And these gamers are so engrossed in their world that they have no news around them. The most surprising thing is that in the advertisement regarding downloading Ludo games on YouTube, regular girls are being encouraged to talk.

The Anxious Situation For Parents

Often online games cause children to become aggressive with their parents. And they do not tolerate anyone interfering in their fake world. Children often fall into the hands of opportunists while they play online games. And then the prarents have nothing left but regrets. Please keep an eye on your children's mobile game activity and take out as much time as you can for your child before anyone else makes time for your child to take it away from you.

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