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Asalam o alaikum

Hy steemians welcome to another amazing contest by steemitpak which highlights the different statements which truley exemplify our thoughts. I read many users statements which elaborate in extremely good medium every one having their own unique thoughts i also want to engage and share my wordings in this statement so lets get start...

There are more than three statements but u chooses these below.

  • Money is more important than love

  • You will stay happier if you remain unmarried

  • Votes are not guaranteed - SC01

Everyone having different ascpects of thinking and visualization of life some having different experiences , culture religion understanding though that they are perceiving things. Hence i also have a good background knowledge of religion and its not mean to me talking about these statements. Held my religion and our prophet Muhammad (SAW) briefly demonstrated each and evey thing clearly.

Well two statements i will define according to ny experience and religious ascpects further one which is compulsory i have a personal experience on it which is about votes are not guaranteed by sc01. So lets elaborate each in detail.


Money is more important than love


As per my understanding i feel money is not more important than love! Because i have good experience in reading novals newspapers articles and social experience show me that there are many families are suffering from love and affection attention these means come only if we have a love and affection with each other. Many millionaire sorties were published who are worthless instead if being millionaire why they ain't have feeling of love and some one who show love.

Money is a matter of time hardwork you will surely achieve money and success one day in your life but this life is previous gift from Almighty if it is take away once can't be granted in terms of money again! So if ain't having life how can you love ? So its a meaningful thing to be understand we all are striving and working for our love ones and you will find them in your own families rather it would be your mother , sisters, brothers father or you wife which is the root of love which is the theme of love. You can't take your head away from this truth.

Even Allah bless humans with genders not only human but every creation of Allah is settled on the basis of pairs every pair is feeling attachment and love in their own way these desires are not develop by our means it is granted by God the supreme Allah. Money is also reliable thing for living standards of life but if you talk about love its an endless ocean of desires and feelings which is blessed by our lord the Allah almighty.

Many experts has published articles on this statement and came up with ending their debate that without love money is worthless. Many poor families are living their lifes with less resources but if they having feeling of love and affection with each they are living supreme life against the rich ones. So its a life full of colors and blessings not ruin your life in terms of few penny. Money us not everything but without money you alos can't life so moderate your lifes by doing hardwork and finding true person who can endure your nervous with love.

My wordings on this statement is just to keep your lifestyle in balance both is need but money is not everything never rely and loose those persons who are attached with you in means of gaining love be humble be kind and share love and affection with everyone.


You will stay happier if you remain unmarried

The life purpose is not complete if you ain't married because think by your self why are you still striving in this life? Just for someone this world is based in even creation means that every one is in pair even they are humans or animals everyone who is living are in pairs. So they must need another gender to complete their desires so without marriage people find their lifes worst they involve in different immoral activities held in the last stage they having their own closed circle and ultimately they asking for death.

Held people who are not marriaging are polluting environment by their behaviours as this life is gift from Allah and we have to obey our Allah, he created us in pairs so we have to settle our in binding of marriage this will not secure your feelings but give a a healthy and good life, so marriage is one of the essential practices in life everyone having a bond and relationship with other to strive.
Without marriage lifes are easy but for teen-agers if you passed this stage you surely need a partner to attaining the goals of life and make life beautiful by enjoying every aspect.



Votes are not guaranteed - SC01

The steemit community is supporting every about a years ago. Held every community having a chance to get votes but these votes are not guaranteed because there are so many post and everyone wants high amount of votes for this you need quality articles. Everyone us making post in their own means you have to make quality post for that.

Yet users in steemit should have to fullfil protocols rules and other steemit ventures. You have to provide quality post yet to make active blogging and by ensuring all club rules even you are still not getting vote though its a policy that votes are not guaranteed.

While I ain't found any users who couldn't get any upvote from sc01 and sc02 if they are obeying the rules. My friend huzaifa who is just a user of steemit like we our they are fully supported by Steemcurator01 because of enabling their wallet by club100 and other rules. They are actively participating in every ventures and contest.

So strive do hardwork if you are newbie do post in newcomers community after that engage in making these blogs and look forward for more blogging in steemitblog.


Steemitpak encourage very good statements everyone having their own mindsets to define and elaborate the statements. These statements are basically deals with society and everyone can easily engage in sharing their means.

I listed and described my moods and understanding regarding these statements, held i want @syedmraza01 ,@dabeerahmed , @moohsin , @zeeshyy01 ,@faizanasad00 to engage in this writing contest and share your experiences with us.

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 10 months ago 

Yes absolutely marriages should be encourage in every society because there are many dangerous activities are performing by humans so this bonding can eliminate this problem whilst you supported your content with excellent wordings.

 10 months ago 

W asalam @salemumar5 another interesting post by your side, while curators are supporting you your last motivation is extremely important for every beginner that they have to take active participation in every engagement of steemit also need to obey all protocols organizes by steemitblog, also i will do take part in this worthy contest.

I am extremely agreed that love is more important than anything becuase everyone wants to live happy life for that a strong relationships with love and affection can endure happiness among us keep it up..

 10 months ago 

W asalam @salemumar5 , thanks brother for tagging held you create great post by enlightening many useful points. Since we have to live our lifes according to our religion so it can lead us towards betterment.

W asalam brother, money is not important is right but its an essential part of our life without money we can't survive so its a good point that both should be balance mode that us the mist valuable part of your wordings.

 10 months ago 

Wow another amazing contest and valuable post by you. The last statement seems to be very important that community focused yet you are right that we have to involve in active participation to gain more value in steemit.

W asalam @salemumar5 thanks for tagging me i will surely engage in this contest seems very easy and simple yet you derived excellent points in each statement mostly i liked that Allah blessed every human with pairs sorry every creation so we have to encourage this relationship.

 10 months ago 

Thankyou for taking part in this contest.

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