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Imaginations, new ideas, creativity are things that makes you crave to learn more everyday. All of these things is a kind of food you give to your mind. Just like you body your brain also needs to grow and for its growth it is very important to think out of the box and learn. Thanks to @vvarishayy I am able to remember good old days from school when we actually used to write write picture descriptions using our creativity. I am gonna do something similar today but instead of describing a picture I am gonna tell you a story.


Once upon a time, there was this old man having long, silky and grey beard. His eyes were as shinny as a diamond shinning in a coal mine. He used to wear a hat just like a magician's hat. Yes he was a magician who only knew one big magic. He often used to say that there will come a time where the world will only depend on my magic and the people used to laugh at him. Then one day, When he was saying the same thing and people kept laughing at him he did something to his hands and a light came out of his hands. Which he named as "steemit" The people were shocked to see that because it was something they never saw in their whole lives. When everyone got curious about what kind of light was that. The people started talking about it. They used to come and see that old man every day, every minute to ask questions about that light but he never answered them. The answer was given by the old man in the way that his magic started to rule the world of cryptocurrency. In this way he was able to get all the appreciations from the people instead of laughter.

That's all! :D I hope it's not that childish haha!

 last year 

Nice Rimsha I like it. Your story is not childish it's perfect.

Thank you for taking part in the contest.

 last year 

Haha! I’m glad you like it. :’)

 last year 

Wow that's awesome story. Not so much childish 😂. Don't mind I am just kidding.
Your post is showing you can become a pure story teller.

 last year 

Haha! That’s so sweet of you. 💕

you wrote nice story best of luck ❤️

 last year 

Thank you

 last year 

Good yr 👍👍
Your wrote very well I like your imaginary story 😜😜

 last year 

Haha honestly I’m not sure about that but thanks! :D

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