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Greetings steemit Family and all Friends

Today I am going to present to you my performance of the last 3 months, and the efforts to promote STEEM in Pakistan and their results, the next plans in the form of a detailed post.

My Selection As Country Representative

3 months ago I used to post like a common steemian. I love to make art, so I used to do most of the art and drawing posts. I also read the posts of Steemers and encouraged them by commenting on their posts. Although my English is weak. I used to read and create posts with the help of Google Translator and this is how I learned a lot. Then I started participating in the diary game. And I used to do regular posts. I was getting good support from the The Steemit team. And i used to spend most of my time on the steemit.One day I received a notification from the The Steemit Team through a post from @steemitblog to become a Country Rep. I accepted it immediately because I wanted to support Pakistanis even though there were very few Pakistanis on the steemit at that time and even if there were, they were not prominent.

My Goals and Achievments

  • Gathering all Pakistanis on the steemit in one place
  • Trying to keep them active on steemit
  • Encouraging them on their posts
  • Emphasize regular participation in diary games and other challenges

After becoming a CR, I first made some plans. My first step was that I started looking for Pakistanis on steemit and invited them to participate in the diary game I attracted some friends by UPVOTE from community curator account @steemcurator07 . So many friends started participating in the diary game and I kept encouraging them and then I brought them all together in one community. During this time I also had a lot of difficulties becouse of my busy schedule and family problems But I did not give up and kept working. In this way I finally found sincere friends like @hassanabid and @haidermehdi who are very hardworking. Then I told them all situations made them part of my goals and then we formed a separate community to support all Pakistanis and we also invited new friends to join steemit so our members started to grow. We have many active posters with quality content. I can proudly say that I have been quite successful in my initial goals and I am very happy about that.

Now My Next Goal consists of 3 steps.

  • Growing our community account as self Sufficient Account Fastly
  • Promoting steem in Pakistan
  • Invite people to steemit ( Recruitment of new Users )

Then as per announcement of @steemitblog about Community support Program we created @steemit-pak ( STEEMIT PAKISTAN OFFICIAL COMMUNITY ACCOUNT ) for the support of All community members on their quality content . To make it self sufficient for the support of Pakistani steemians and other steemit users on their quality content. i have delegated my 1500 Steem Power from my earning of 3 months to @steemit-pak account. Becouse i have posted 110+ publications after becoming CR (including CR weekly reports, Diary Game posts , Better life publications) and i got 2000+ SP reward with the average 18+ steem per Publication.

From now i will set @steemit-pak as 50% beneficiary on rewards of my all upcoming posts.

I could try as much as I could. And I promise to do as much as I can in the future

To promote steem in Pakistan i am keen to organize a steem meetup with the help of @hassanabid , @haidermehdi and other team members to acknowledge about steem and invite more friends at steemit..

In the end of this post I would like to thank @steemcurator01, @steemitblog and all the Respected steemians who supported and Encouraged me and Pakistanis so much.I hope you will continue to support us.

Cc @steemcurator01 , @steemitblog

Best Regards @rashid001
Country Representative

 4 years ago 

This is great commitment @rashid001 bhai.
Thankyou for mentioning me as a good friend.
I hope we stay together always and i will always remember you in my good books❤️
It has been great working with you and I hope we will keep working together. Our community grew at a great speed and from 0 we are now 120+ with almost 30%+ activity ratio.
Its great to know you and steemit platform.
@hassanabid himself is also a very good person and i cant thank you all rnough for the great support and respect.
One thing that i would like to say is that nothing of this what we have achieved was possible without you guys and the next thing is that teamwork is the key to success without working in a team without listening to your members without giving them preference you can never achieve your goals in a community or as an admin of a community.
Thankyou so much everyone fir the great support and advices❤️
Yours, @haidermehdi.
Cc: @hassanabid, @moohsin, @dabeerahmed,@shahab1998,@yarhassan,@hasansid,@vvarishayy,@bassamjamal,@faisee,@osama-zain,@rashid001,@yousafharoonkhan 🤗❤️

I am proud of you guys .And all i have done for my friends and for the growth of community. 💓

I am keen on making good relations with sincerity.
Thanks alot for lovely feedback🌹


 4 years ago 

@haidermehdi You said well that teamwork is the key to success 👍

Yahan post k xsy krty hain koi btaega

 4 years ago 

jvery good support me

 4 years ago 

Good plans.

Hope you and new Country Rep @hassanabid will be able to work together well with all other Steemians in Pakistan to grow the Steem community there.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

Sure we will work together and will find things out together for the growth of steemit in Pakistan

 4 years ago (edited)

Thanks 💐 for apreciation

We aim to work together with all other steemians in Pakistan for the development of steem community.

Indeed we all as a team working alot for the progress of Steemit in Pakistan @haidermehdi is working over venue and other arrangements aswell.

Thankyou so much for your kind words of Appreciation and commitment with steemit we are and we will be there forever with you.

 4 years ago 

Thanks a lot @hassanabid :)

 4 years ago 

Wow impressive 👍

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