Steemit Engagement Challenge || Share Your View About Your Country|| Three Reasons Why I Love My County And Three Changes I Want To See In My Country

Hello friends i greetings to you all, how are you doing,I hope you all are doing fine, i am so glad to be here today to participate in this steemit Engagement challenge a contest organize by @steemit-pak base on the topic three reasons why you love your country and the three change I want to see in my country, which is well explained in a simplify way, cheers as you read on.

About my country

My country Nigeria is located in West Africa with a very large landmass, an huge population, it is the black most populated country, the nation have 36 state an it capital is Abuja, the state have numerous ethnic groups with various languages but the official language is English an gained independent from British in 1960 that is just an over view of my country. The image above is my country flag.

Reasons i love my country

Military arm force

One of the main reason i love about my country Nigeria is the
military arm force,
which includes the Army, Navy and Air Force, these security agency are really trying to maintain peace, secure life and properties in the country, the Boko-haram issue has been resolved, even the crisis that happened at Jos plateau State, now there is peace and harmony in Jos even the crisis that took place in kaduna , all the state in my country that use to have tribal war, is now very calm and peaceful with the help of the arm force, last year was not easy in the Eastern state of Nigeria because of the problem of iPob the indigenous people of Biafra want their own country so there was serious crisis in the various state but thank God with the help of the Arm force an the commander of the arm of the arm force president of my beloved country Muhamadu Buhari every where in the country is now enjoying peace, no crime rate anymore business is operating very well. Do you people know that by country Army is one of the best in Africa.

So is a pride of the nation there have help in international mission especially the United Nations organization ( UN) the have fought in the librarian civil war to maintain peace, Sudan, samalian, congo etc just to maintain peace in other International Africa country. My country aim force is a pride of the nation that is one of the unique thing i love about my country Nigeria.


I love my country currency it is very valuable especially the one thousands naira note that is well design, do you know that my country have the highest valuable currency in Africa that is why it's among the richest countries in the world, my country country is very valuable. The images above is my country currencies.

Mineral and natural resources

I love my country Because, it have abundant natural mineral resources such as crude oil, natural gas, coal, agricultural products, my country farm a lot that is why there is enough food especially in the rural areas Benue state that is the food basket of the nation, usually produce enough food, in the area of mineral resources, my country rank among the top ten crude oil producing state in the world.

Changes i want to see in my country

The three change i want to change in my country Nigeria I will like to improve change in the areas of Health care system, in the area of education and the are of electricity system. Those are the basic areas i will like to bring more drastic development and improvement to, so that the citizens will enjoy from.

Health care system


This is the first sector i will like to improve because the Heath deal directly with the people, most of the health facilitate is bad, especially the primary health care system, in rural area is under equipped. With poor facilities my reason for bringing change to the health care system, so that the citizens of my country can enjoy better better health care system, an also live long and happy life, because good health is wealth. The image above is hospital complex which illustrate a hospital building.

How i will effect the change in the area of health care?

this are the chances that i will bring as follows:
• All the old structures of any hospital will be well renovated to modern standard, i will like the government to build more hospital and employ more hospital personnel, so that there will be more man power to take good care of all the citizens health. I will like the government to equipped any hospital that is unequipped with modern facilitate such as ultrasound scanning machine, computed tomography machine (CT) magnetic resonance Machine (MRI) it's an expensive machine but the government should try to ensure that the tertiary hospital have a functioning one's

• Also i will ensure there is free vaccine for children, do you know that last week an infant baby die in the hospital because of there was no drugs to treat the baby, it was so painful, you need to see how the mother of the died baby was crying bitterly because her baby die because of lack of drugs.

• Finally i will improve the National health insurance schemes program to subsidized most of the citizens theater operation especially for children, just last week about three children were died at community hospital Afikpo because of ruptured appendix no money to pay for hospital bill or even the theater operation fees for the children, the surgeons refused to carry out the operation for the children and the three children all die, where will you expect a poor farmers to raise 150000naira (600steem) before theater operation will i will ensure the national health insurance schemes (NHIS) work very well so that there will be free medical care for everybody in my country to benefit

Education system



The education sector is another area will will like to change, because i am not happy with the education system of my country the students are been frustrated in the so called Asuu strike, also the poor education system is also affecting the people of my country there are so many reasons why i want bring change to the education system which are too numerous to be mentioned

Do you know the changes i will bring to the education system? Now let me tell you people the strategic change i will make. I will equipped both, primary, secondary and tertiary school to a high and better standard For the secondary school i will ensure there have a good functioning science laboratory, i could remember when i was in secondary school as a science student all we were doing was just theory, to practical was carry out to illustrate so as to show better understanding of what we were been taught it makes a student to forget things easily. For the tetiary institution, especially the universities i will ensure, there will be no Asuu strike to frustrate students, student will stay at home for over 6month without going to school in the name of so called Asuu strike, i could remember when i was an under-graduate at the University of Calabar, Radiography department, i was frustrated because of strike a program of five years i spent seven years in the name of strike. Finally i will ensure there is abundant job opportunities for all graduate, so these are all the amazing changes i will like to bring into the education system. The images above is a school building representing educational sector

Electricity (power supply)



Electricity (power supply) Power holding company of Nigeria (PHCN) is a government agency that is in charge of electricity supply in my country, this agency are really frustrating all there know is to collect light bill without giving any light because of corruption, do you know that my electricity bill every month that i pay in my small one room apartment is 10000naira ( 40steem)? yet for two weeks now i have not seen light, constant power failure is hindering businesses and development. My aunty Mary that use to sell cold soft drinks stop the business, because of power failure, i also remember about five big industries that have stopped operation for over two years now because of lack of electricity supply, all these things are happening because of corruption in the power section. Now let me tell you people the strategic change i will make. Firstly i will ensure rural areas especially my village will have electricity supply also i will ensure electric bill will be subsidized to the minimum. Further more, i will ensure all the corrupt agency in the power section be removed and replaced with better people because the frustration with light is too much I will ensure i supply transformer to rural areas so that there will have constant electric supply.
The images above are electric pole wire and electric transformer representing electricity.

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Conclusion: i sincerely thank @steemit-pak for organizing this contest, which is well explained in an automatic way. thank you all for viewing


Hello my good friend, It seem you love the Armforces in your country. Well is a good thing for we all to love our country force because they're the ones defending our Territory.

And also is like you love money also. Ha never mind my jokes. Is a good thing reading through your post thank you souch for sharing.

Yes my friend, the military arm force of my country are doing their best to protect lives and properties, i also love money

Congrats bro you seem to like the arm force of your country, i enjoy reading your post keep it up

Thanks by friend, yes i love the military force of my country

That was a great post

Thank you so much my friend

Your areas for change are very sensitive and relevant, health, electricity and education system.
Nice delivery pal.


These are the basic challenges my people are facing currently most federal University are in strike, so i want to see change in those basic area as mentioned

The way Asuu keep going on strike without caring about the students who really wants to finish school and start up something of their own is alarming. I pray that I government will do everything that they can to ensure stability in the educational system in Nigeria.

My friend, you are saying the truth, currently Asuu strike is over 3 month now since February, so it's not a joke matter

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