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Hey guys! Hope you all are good.
I was thinking that sometimes we feel exhausted and depressed and we don't feel good enough to do any work & just want to quit...
We all go through these phases in our lives so what to do when you feel like giving up?

First of all i am not a psychologist.... Just giving my opinion to help somebody going through stress, anxiety or depression.

1: speak up
Speak your heart to somebody close to you.
Speak to somebody who you trust the most
Let your bottle up emotions come out of your heart.

2: diet
Try to eat healthy. I know when you are all done with your life And you just want to quit so it's difficult to focus on your diet but good food can make you feel healthy internally.

3: busy yourself
When you feel depressed try to do something which makes you happy. Never leave yourself to your mood. Try to be active because when you're busy your thoughts does not influence that much.

4: sleep routine
Try to maintain a balanced sleep routine.
Try to wake up early do some exercise and have breakfast .

5: trust on God
Think who created you will surely help you to go through these challenges of life.
He who created you will never abondon you no matter what. Try to read His words. Try to make a connection with God
Ask Him to help you. 🙏

Never give up on yourself.
"Wherever you are He is with you" (Al-Quran) ❣️

Hope it helps you to recover.
May God bless you all :)



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