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Hello Steemians. Hope you are all well and thriving.

Oxford Dictionary defines Women’s Rights as rights that promote a position of legal and social equality of women with men.

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For anyone women inclusive to be aware of their rights, they have to know the basic principles of humanity. They have to be aware and believe that they deserve; to be treated with respect and that even their boundaries have to be respected, that they have to be treated with kindness and violence is not an option.

One has to be aware that if they are of age they have the right to make informed decisions that impact their lives positively. When a woman is aware of their rights as a human being, that makes it easy for them to know and be aware of their rights as a woman.

Truthfully, if I would tell a woman what her rights are, to enable her be aware of them I would tell her the following;

0) A woman has the right to take part in leadership positions in companies, the government and other offices provided she feels she is confident and competent to take over such a position.

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Margaret Thatcher one of the most phenomenal women leaders in history.

1)A women has to know that she has the freedom to follow a career path of her choice and she is free to use the resources available to her to pursue it. No one should ever try to control the career she follows, as she can seek advise but she should never let anyone tell her that since she is a woman then there are certain careers she can not do.

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Sanderberg Sheryl a lady with success an inspirational career path.

2) A woman has a right to decide the partner she wants to marry because some traditional norms that disadvantage women by involving them in practices like child marriages where the woman has no say are detrimental to women rights.

In such instances elders in the community, be it men or women should stand against such practices and prohibit them because the young girls may not be able to defend themselves.

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3) Furthermore, a woman has a right to make sure that her needs are met in a relationship just like the way she fusses to fulfill those of her partner. She has a right to be a part of the decision making process in her home if she married or even just in a relationship especially where the decisions affect both parties.

She has a right to have her emotional and physical needs met just like her male partner.

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4) She has a right to speak up where injustice is performed against her or any other lady. She has to know that her opinion provided it is informed matters and that no one should ever make her feel like her voice and what she has to say does not matter just because she is a woman.

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5) And yes, a woman a right to dream as big as she wants to provided she backs up her dreams with actions. Women should not be confined to the norms of society where girls are taught to aspire to marriage only.

If a lady wants to follow other dreams to, that is absolutely okay. If she wants to focus on family and be a stay home parent that is fine to because what matters at the end of the day is that she makes a decision she is happy with.

In instances where one is a stay home mother she has to keep her mind open to the fact that if she does not have help, work done at home is work and should not be undermined. Therefore, where one is overwhelmed and her partner has the time she should feel free to ask him to help with chores.

All in all women should make sure that they know how to be treated as a human being as that is the basis from which the women’s rights arise. Definitely they are not limited to the ones mentioned above.

Thank you @vvarishayy. I invite @kyara2, @iraguha and @mariez to participate.

Thank you for reading.❤️❤️


Thanks or the article dear. Women for women💪

💪 Absolutely.

Thanks alot @pixiepop for the invite. Anything about women i am down for it.
Will find time to participate

💪 love the spirit.

Wow! This is my league! I love this article and i am such a woman activist that i feel i can't get enough of this article! Well said dear.

Thank you for reading and appreciating.🙏

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