Powering up Steem || 1st June

in STEEMIT PAKISTAN4 months ago

Hi and greetings to all members of steemit Pakistan.


Welcome to my powering up post of #spud4steem so lets get started.

Before powering up.


After powering up.


I have 271 steem and now i have 171 steem.
Good luck every member who are taking part in this Contest. And thanks to @kiwiscanfly for arranging this contest ❤️

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 4 months ago 

thanks for entering #SPUD4STEEM and powering up some STEEM

I worked out you had a 18.38% increase - good work

Keep powering up :)

 3 months ago 

Thankyou so much for Participating in Steem Power Up Day !
I have given 100% Upvote to you for Standing with the Community and The Steemit Pakistan Team !

We wish you best of Luck for the future and We really hope to see you with us all the time in future aswell.

 3 months ago 

Thank you so much ❤️

 3 months ago 

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Keep the good work up