The Diary Game||26-May-2021||Tuesday

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I hope you all are healthy,fit and fine in this pandemic and i hope everyone is safe from the third spell of Covid.


So my day started early in the morning because of a cricket match in the first half of the day so i woke up nearly 7:30 in morning and straight away after taking bath of cold water i started to get ready for the match.Soon after i got ready i went to play match.After sometime we started playing the match.




We won the match quite comfortably as we first bowled them out on 160 and then chased the target easily with in 15 overs after completing the match we all went for lunch as it was already 1 pm on the clock after lunch we all went to mosque and a little later everyone went to their homes.I was very tired because of the hot weather outside so i slept for atleast 3 hours and then woke up for lunch.
After doing lunch i started getting ready for playing football but due to empty fuel tank of the bike i had to first go to the petrol pump to buy petrol and then pour it in the bike tank so i did the same it took alot of time as there was a long line at the pump when i came back home i was so exhausted because of the hot weather so i decided not to go and play football today.


After praying namaz e maghrib i went to the nearby shop and drank an apple malt which gave me some energy.I went back to home and started scrolling my social media accounts and enjoyed some great memes.Later i did dinner and went out for namaz e isha where i met one of my oldest friend and after namaz we did a little chit chat and exchanged mobile numbers s that we could remain in contact with each other.
Later after going back to home i started watching pubg streams to spend some of my time and then finally went to bed for sleep.
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