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Aoa ! Greetings to all or any pricey fellas 😊 !!

•I am glad to share a good looking day with you all and that i hope that you just all square measure fine. I forever realize it extremely fun to put in writing diary games as a result of it feels therefore sensible to put in writing them as they're terribly simple to put in writing and with diary games we tend to get to put in writing regarding our lives and reading other's modify North American nation to know and find to grasp regarding the lives of others. therefore let's begin our diary ;)

At morning 🌄🌅:

•I got up early within the morning and nevertheless most popular to remain within the bed because it was a awfully cold morning then once a while I finally got up and washed my face and brushed my teeth. Then following my routine i made a decision to travel for a walk and though i used to be feeling cold I still favor to quit as a result of morning walk are a few things that i do not wish to miss anyday.
Here is a flower 🌺🌹 photography that I captured during my morning walk


LcTxR7u1XKaa3e4T1EBuBP18JezPvjFFo8gNuE9CiKHBn39Yaa92Q1ke6nVs1LrTjaBYGZ456fvddaBRzKyCx2pfRt4jNPwq3iPczEXzUKv5TVAg8ymTfWxo6mt9M9s4QRuBacVMyTJeTP7YWfni2cDUr (2).png

•So i went out and it had been extremely {a beautiful|a gorgeous|a stunning|a pretty|an exquisite|an attractive|a fine looking|a sensible looking|} morning and that i was feeling therefore good to examine the scenery around and also the fog on the plants was like some next level and that i assume it had been nice to run there like that.

•Well once coming my kinswoman told ME to travel to promote to grab some stuff for home. the items that were to be bought were some vegetables and a few groceries.

LcTxR7u1XKaa3e4T1EBuBP18JezPvjFFo8gNuE9CiKHBn39Yaa92Q1ke6nVs1LrTjaBYGZ456fvddaBRzKyCx2pfRt4jNPwq3iPczEXzUKv5TVAg8ymTfWxo6mt9M9s4QRuBacVMyTJeTP7YWfni2cDUr (2).png

The closest market was administrative division market and that i plan to go this market . In no time i used to be there whereas shopping for my needed stuff. I forever feel happy to shop for contemporary and chromatic vegetables. ..This is the picture of my way by which I have to go to market.


LcTxR7u1XKaa3e4T1EBuBP18JezPvjFFo8gNuE9CiKHBn39Yaa92Q1ke6nVs1LrTjaBYGZ456fvddaBRzKyCx2pfRt4jNPwq3iPczEXzUKv5TVAg8ymTfWxo6mt9M9s4QRuBacVMyTJeTP7YWfni2cDUr (2).png

At noon:

•I took my lunch with nice delight and extremely enjoyed it o.k..


Then I came back home. once handing all stuff to my mommy i made a decision to require some rest and thence i layed on my bed and took a brief nap.

LcTxR7u1XKaa3e4T1EBuBP18JezPvjFFo8gNuE9CiKHBn39Yaa92Q1ke6nVs1LrTjaBYGZ456fvddaBRzKyCx2pfRt4jNPwq3iPczEXzUKv5TVAg8ymTfWxo6mt9M9s4QRuBacVMyTJeTP7YWfni2cDUr (2).png

•After awakening of a nap, I remembered that I had to travel to Urdu Bazaar to shop for some books. therefore i got prepared in no time and attack my thanks to Urdu bazaar. i used to be there in no time. Believe ME or not however Urdu Bazaar urban center remains one thing that also has historical vibes and it's a good range of publishers and book collectors.

LcTxR7u1XKaa3e4T1EBuBP18JezPvjFFo8gNuE9CiKHBn39Yaa92Q1ke6nVs1LrTjaBYGZ456fvddaBRzKyCx2pfRt4jNPwq3iPczEXzUKv5TVAg8ymTfWxo6mt9M9s4QRuBacVMyTJeTP7YWfni2cDUr (2).png

So i got all books that u needed. I got all that were necessary and that is the explanation I most popular Urdu bazaar to shop for books rather than the other players as a result of it's nearly not possible to not realize something here that you're wanting. Well here is that the demonstration of books that I bought and that i wish to point out them to you 🤩 ;


•All of those books were on my wishlist for an extended time. These books square measure primarily of 2 catagories. One is expounded to general test preparation and different is expounded to associated with writing style and my style is each fiction and non fiction. therefore i bought each.

LcTxR7u1XKaa3e4T1EBuBP18JezPvjFFo8gNuE9CiKHBn39Yaa92Q1ke6nVs1LrTjaBYGZ456fvddaBRzKyCx2pfRt4jNPwq3iPczEXzUKv5TVAg8ymTfWxo6mt9M9s4QRuBacVMyTJeTP7YWfni2cDUr (2).png

At evening 🌆:

•After that i spent a while with my pets. it's my routine to play with my pets and birds within the evening as a result of i feed them every evening and this can be the simplest time to urge near to them.

After feeding them I started reading a book.

•My take a look at is close to therefore I started with getting ready some idioms 1st that square measure vital for paper purpose of read. once reading for regarding Associate in Nursing hour I got up and that i thought that i ought to eat one thing. it had been not time for supper nevertheless however as I even have eaten up outside within the morning at inappropriate time therefore currently i had to face this drawback. I visited a close-by look to eat egg shaami burger.


LcTxR7u1XKaa3e4T1EBuBP18JezPvjFFo8gNuE9CiKHBn39Yaa92Q1ke6nVs1LrTjaBYGZ456fvddaBRzKyCx2pfRt4jNPwq3iPczEXzUKv5TVAg8ymTfWxo6mt9M9s4QRuBacVMyTJeTP7YWfni2cDUr (2).png

•After uptake the burger with full delight i would like to see drama serial and then I visited sleep. that is all regarding my day which is however i over my stunning day with sensible notes.


LcTxR7u1XKaa3e4T1EBuBP18JezPvjFFo8gNuE9CiKHBn39Yaa92Q1ke6nVs1LrTjaBYGZ456fvddaBRzKyCx2pfRt4jNPwq3iPczEXzUKv5TVAg8ymTfWxo6mt9M9s4QRuBacVMyTJeTP7YWfni2cDUr (2).png

Special thanks to


 2 years ago 

The bun kabab looks so yummy 🤤

 2 years ago 

واہ علیکم سلام

مجھے بہت خوشی ہوئی ہے کہ آپ نے اچھے انداز سے اپنے دن کا آغاز کیا ہے اور اللّه کے نام سے ہی اس دن کا آغاز کرنا چاہیے مجھے آپ کی پوسٹ دیکھ کر بہت خوشی ہوئی ہے اور مجھے بہت اچھا لگا ہے اور ہمارے ساتھ اس چیز کو بانٹا ہے ہمارے ساتھ چیزوں کو شیئر کرتے رہیں تاکہ ہمیں بھی دیکھ کر خوشی ہوتی رہے اور مجھے سب سے زیادہ خوشی ہوئی ہے کہ ہم روز ایک نہ ایک چیز کو دیکھ کر خوشی محسوس کرتے ہیں کہ لوگ کیسے اپنی زندگی کو اچھے طریقے سے گزار رہے ہیں بہت شکریہ کہ آپ نے اس کھانے کو جیسے جیسے ہمارے ساتھ شئیر کیا اور بہت خوشی ہوئی ہے

I am very glad that you have started your day in a good way and you should start this day in the name of Allah I am very happy to see your post and I am very happy and with us this thing Keep sharing things with us so that we too can be happy to see and I am most happy that we are happy to see one or the other thing every day how people live their lives in a good way. Thank you so much for sharing this food with us and we are very Happy.
Keep it up God Bless You 🤗🤗

You have presented your post in a very beautiful way.The rose photography you have taken has been very nice.Is it winter there now?I can see a lot of fog in the picture of the vegetable field.The food items were very tasty.Thank you for sharing your post with us.

Best regards 💖

 2 years ago 

Thanks for words
It is not fog it is smoke due to the burning of plants

 2 years ago 

Waoooo my fvrt shami burger 🍔🤭
Looks tooo yummm.
Thankyou for sharing story with us keep posting content ❤

 2 years ago 

I love to go for a morning walk by doing this your whole day went excellent. It can help you to stay fit and fine.
But I can not go outside.
Well you had a lovely morning
And I like you pets 🥰

I like the most in your post is pea cock. It's really looking so beautiful. Then I want to appreciate your book collection. Book reading habit is so good. Well nice diary game

 2 years ago 

We have very hot weather, And I see that you have very good weather and i think its cold weather. The things you wrote are very nice and it looks even better and more beautiful if you arrange pictures a little. You will find many such people in STEEMIT PAKISTAN their post presentation is very good like @event-horizon

 2 years ago 

Nice diary

 2 years ago 

I like to way to writing your diary. It's quite different. I loved to pictures of flower and peacock. There are few peacocks in our university but I didn't capture them perfectly due to boundary outside.

I am surprised to see the morning view in Lahore because we are living in such area which is surrounding by markets and societies so, I didn't glimpse it in the morning. You have spend a good day. Have a blessed day ahead.

 2 years ago 

Thanks @ashkhan for good words

 2 years ago 

You had beautiful photography skills i must say

 2 years ago 

❤️ thanks

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