Steemit Engagement Challenge Week #3 | Defend the statements | Be the critical thinkers we want to see | by @mahishines

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Hello and Asslam waliekum folks,
how are you all. I hope you people are doing good and enjoying summers.

Here i am participating in the contest which more intersting than the previous contests. This contest will actually test the critical thinking of the memebers of steemit platform.


the topics i have opted are
1- you will be happier if you stay unmarried.
2- Money is more important than love




Advantages of being unmarried.

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  • if a person stays unmarried, he will focus on his career. he will have enough time to work. the satisfaction he will get from working on his goals will be higher than if he are married. unmarried person will not fallen in emotional drama. he will be more productive and helpful in enhancing economic growth of the nation.

  • He can do whatever he wants and whenever he wants. he is not liable on others. An independent being is free to go to any place, any time. independent people live more happy life than dependent people or what we say married people.

  • if a person is single, he is the sole breadwinner and he is thus spending on himself only. in other words, a single person enjoys financial independence. He can save more money then if he was in relationship.

  • An unmarried man will focus on self growth. He is alone and he has more time to self growth. An unmarried person focus on learning skills and self growth.

  • A dingle person is his own boss, he is self critical, a decision maker and independent. he has only responsibility of his parents.



long story short, in longterm, unmarried people are more happier and feel emancipated than married people. they focus on self growth and are living independent life.


Money is more important than love


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Money as an important tool is used for purchasing of nesseccities and luxuries.
money is directly associated with happiness.
here are my few points on why money is more important than love?

  • Although love is important to live life but money is essential to live peaceful life. in other words, money strengthens the love relationship. it works like a glue. broke people are mostly single because no one wants to be with them.

  • Money is security to a successful life. if a person has no money, he will face famine and starvation. His realtionship will be one the verge of fallen.

  • without money, economies can not grow, but without love economies can grow. so, financial stability is more important than love.

  • No one loves a poor guy, but most of Rich people are attracted by love. the more financially stable a person is, the more he will be loved by humans.

  • money gives human a sense of liberation.A financially stable people are more librated and feel privileged.

Votes are not guaranteed by sc-01

On steemit platform, only orignal and unique content are rewarded. Most of the members think that they will get the steem curator 01 upvote even if they do plagiarism. Members mostly mention steemcurator -01 to get his/her attention but this is not the case, if you post original content with cogent and clarity, you will definitely get the curation.
Moreover, there are other curators on steemit platform too. You may get booming support or you may get support from other curators however, it is still not guaranteed that you can get an upvote. If a member is part of
#club5050 #club75 #club100, he has more chances to get an upvote. These clubs increases the probability of getting upvotes from sc-01 but it is still not guaranteed.
In a nutshell, my suggestion would be to be consistent, write a unique and cogent article in a relevant community. Also, engage with other fellow steemians and i hope you will get reward one day.
Lastly, quality content is the queen, everyone will be attracted by your content.



it is said that money can not buy happiness, but my philosophy is money do buy happiness. broke people are mostly single and not in relationship. mostly relationship are built on money rather than on love.

I hope you poeple would have love take on the topic. Do not forget to share and comment.
i invite my dear fellows @nsisong99 @faizanwrites and @imtiaziqbal to participate in the contest.

 7 months ago 

I agree with you dear friend. I also know that money is a need thing to be stable economically when we are living. love means a family bond so to raise the family and relationships we need money.

 7 months ago 

Yes very true, money works like a glue in relationships.

 7 months ago 

The contest as well as the topics you chosed are indeed interesting but I've to disagree with some of your points as being married also make a person to be responsible and focus on his career in real way, some points are true that an unmarried person have financial independence but a married person spends money on their future as if they're having kids, who'll their ultimate breadwinner in the future when a certain age is crossed. Also, I know money is important but it is not more important than a real love because with money one can buy necessities and luxuries but with true love one can find happiness even having basic necessities.

 7 months ago 

Dear friend, money and love are directly proportional to each other. People do not want to interact with broke person however, loves to engage with rich people

 7 months ago 

This debate can go long but mostly it depends upon the priorities I must say!

If love is influenced by money then that isn't real love.

 7 months ago 

Nowadays love is just materialistic. Yeah, unconditional love of parents are still unmatchable.

 7 months ago 

Muy interesantes tus opiniones sobre los temas que escogiste! estoy muy de acuerdo contigo...

Amigo, recuerda responder también la de "los votos no están garantizados"

Un abrazo, feliz inicio de semana y éxitos en el desafío de esta semana.

 7 months ago 

Thank you dear friend.

I am agree on this point to remain unmarried in life as you have said,

An unmarried man will focus on self growth. He is alone and he has more time to self growth.

Self growth and self attention can be done only when a man is single. It is an important thing to lead a happy life.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

 7 months ago 

Thank you dear for valuable comments. Lets connect.


I must say that all your points are valid at its place, money can buy you everything in today’s materialistic world where you are judged by your social status not by the love you give to others.
Best of luck with the contest!

 7 months ago 

Yes!! Thank you for the comment

What ever you write i am agree with your 2nd topic of your contest which actually you expose the reality of today society, but i am partially agree with your first topic of contest as single life is good and enjoyable for the certain age, once cross this age we actually realize that yes we need someone to lesson and care about us.

 7 months ago 

Thank you dear, Everyone has their own thoughts, and we must have to respect that.

 7 months ago 

You missed the third and compulsory statement.

Votes are not guaranteed - sc01

Do make sure to add this statement to your post and defend it in the best manner possible.

 7 months ago 

Apologies!! Let me add that part too. thanks you

Hello @mahishines,

You have taken your stand on the statement of your choice. They are all valid and true.

However, I want to bring oomut being single. Being single is cool, yes, but there would be a time in life you would need companionship. Someone who you can talk to on a daily basis. It's a great feeling knowing that you have someone whom you can always talk to.

 7 months ago 


Thank you for taking part.

Hi, @mahishines! Nice to see your post. I think a person can remain unmarried and still have a life partner. Marriage helps governments to have access to your private life and modify your decisions. A bad marriage might end up in divorce and this is always a traumatic experience. If your unmarried, you just walk away. Now when there are children, the story changes.

Loved reading your text. Cheers!

Very true. Money makes the world go round and it's time we accept that reality. A local musician once sang: 'When you have money, plenty friends. When your money finishes, no more friends' We need money to facilitate happiness and relationships. Well written and best wishes on the contest. Let me see if I can take on some topics too.

I love the part where you said no one loves a poor guy 😄 I quite agree with you on that, people like associate with good things, so I think it's very important for one to work hard and make money

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