¨Announcement of Flower Photography¨ Beautiful flower of ¨Santa¨¨Rita¨

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How are the fans of this wonderful ¨STEEMIT PAKISTANCommunity¨:   I just followed @steemit-pak and registered as a community member to participate in this excellent challenge ¨Announcement of Flower Photography¨:  If you are passionate about flowers, I invite you to that you participate in this contest

Flor de Santa Rita Location:  
Source: Family Album

This beautiful flower belongs to the ¨Santa¨¨Rita¨ plant in some other places it is known by the name of ¨papel¨ ¨flor¨; We took this photograph in the ¨Ciudad¨ de ¨Corrientes¨¨Argentina¨

Camera: ¨Nikon¨¨Coolpix¨¨ B500¨
Photographer: @jlufer
Edision: No Edit
Location: ¨Corrientes¨¨Argentina¨

free admission (1).gif



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Hello dear friends @acom good evening
Thank you very much for appreciating and supporting my work, you are really very kind
I wish you all a wonderful night

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