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Aslamualikum everyone.

I hope you are all well So today my last exam .


I get up early in the morning 🌅 at 4:00 AM . I revised my book before paper . At 5:30 AM i take break fast . And I am left my home 🏠 . Me and my 2 friends going to Sahiwal at 6:00 AM .

In 30 minutes I safely reached harapa .


After 30 minutes we safely reached Sahiwal at 7:15 AM . I am very happy 😊 beacause today is my last paper .

This is my exam center . Today is my very tough paper . At 8 : 45 AM All the students entered the examination hall .At 9:00AM All the students received the mcqs sheet . Available time is 15 minutes . After done ✅ the mcqs . All the students received the Subjective paper . 10:30 AM i have done my paper and out of my exam hall . Me and my friends decided to arrange the party 🥳 because we are last meet up in this day .
Now this is time of pizza 🍕 party at Eri Chicks Sahiwal.




We have ordered the 5 pizza and 3 cold drinks .
In 30 minutes we have received our order .


We are eating the pizza 🍕 . The pizza hall recorate very well . After eating the pizza and pay the bill 💸 .
We are clicking the memorable pics .




After left the pizza shop I am going to our college and pray the jumma Mubarak Namaz . After praying the namaz we are going to back to home . In harapa we see the tube well . And we refreshing the mouth .

After 30 minutes we are safely reached our homes . Today is my very memorable day for me . Tomorrow is independence Day ♥️ 🇵🇰.
So very happy Independence day.

I hope you are all enjoying my post .
My Achievement1 Link is here.



 5 months ago 

Hello! Thank you for posting in Steemit Pakistan.

It would be great if you add some more details to your diary.

Thanks .
Sure I am trying my best .

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