6 months ago 

Thank you Hassan bhai :) I'm so excited right now

How can we win the certificate

 6 months ago (edited)

@xakarisyed thanks for showing interest in Steemit Pakistan Certificates

There are 3 types of certificates distributed every month as mentioned above.

1) Best Author Award

To get this award you need to keep posting great and valuable content in Steemit Pakistan.

2) Most engaging Member

You need to get engage with steemit Pakistan community members by commenting on their posts. But please, do rwad their posts first before commenting!

3) People's Choice Certificate

At the end of every Month In the last week. We are asked to nominate a person on steemit who we think is helping steemians on this platform and deserved to get Nominatiom award from @steemit-pak. For that, we need to specify minimum 3 reasons that why this user deserved to get this nomination award.

Hope this helped you. Moreover, you can still ask question here if you have any confusion.

ok thank you for updating me

 6 months ago 

Thank you so much :)