Delegated My Whole Steem Power To My Community ! (6773 SP to @steemit-pak)

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Due to some serious issues we had to perform powerdown over Steemit-pak which caused a big panic for my community members as the vote worth got declined. Have informed the issues and reason of doing powerdown to Joanna over Telegram. I felt really bad as we, since first day never ever had think about doing powerdown. Its the first and Hopefully Last powerdown of just 1 Week.

So, to balance everything up again i have delegated my whole Steem Power to Official Community Curation Account @steemit-pak ! Also We (@haidermehdi and me) would be giving our full time to compensate each and every loss.

Lets check it out how it showed up on Steemworld by @steemchiller


Delegation Proof :

delegation full.PNG

Lets make Our Community Account More Stronger !

Country Representative,


Highly appreciated 👍..all the good wishes for you. May you get more success.

Thankyou so much attiya :)

 3 years ago (edited)

I really appreciate your act ❤️
What you are doing for us is something extraordinary 😇
I also got motivation by your act I'm going to delegate my SP as well
Allah Bless You ❤️

Thankyou so much Lets Power up the Official account for our community members ! Lets make the words tiny drops of water make a mighty ocean

Together with all tiny SP's we can make it much more powerful !

 3 years ago 

Well Said brother

 3 years ago 

It’s really motivates other.
Appreciate this act. ♥️

Thankyou so much @ahsanjawed :)

 3 years ago 

I really like your this great effort..may Allah bless you success dear 🙏🤗 aneen

Thankyou so much yousaf bhai :)

 3 years ago 

We shall rise again. 😊

InshaAllah :)

 3 years ago (edited)

We understand that the ups and down are part of life. Your act and passion for steemit is Really really appreciable. Stay blessed you all. The twinkling days are coming soon. May i help you?

Sure, i will arrange a meeting through which i will tell how everyone can help up

 3 years ago 

I really appreciate this act❤️

Thankyou so much :) ❤️

 3 years ago 

On my way to delegate my SP we'll be back soon:)

You are doing great. May all your plans for STEEMIT PAKISTAN turn out the same, you have visioned them. And I believe together as a team we can compensate for any loss.


Thankyou so much @aniqamashkoor indeed

together we are stronger

 3 years ago 

Mashallah u r doing great 👍
We'll make our community stronger insha'Allah

Thankyou mahnoor 😉

Beautiful post
Sirgi, please verify my account

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