The diary game |26-11-2021| visit to a beautiful park by @farooqmanzoor... Set 20% beneficiary to @steemit-pak

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Asslam o Alkam friends !

How are you friends. Today i am present with my new diary. The steemit-pak team support and work in well manners. Recently @steemit-pak achieve 31000 sp . It is all the results of hard work of steemit pak team specially @haidermehdi @hassanabid and other members of this community.
Now coming towards my diary. Today my diary about the beauty of the park.


Today i gote up early in the morning and done my fajar prayer in the nearest masjid with jamat. Then i go for a morning walk. So after the morning walk i came back to my home and ate my breakfast .
Today i am going to share with you my visit to Lahore and the photography on the beauty of park which is saturated at front of the railway station . This railway station is the biggest station of Lahore .
When we reached there first for all i saw this park and want to took some pictures of this park. The beauty of the park attract the others also. So i came there. In my first picture you are seeing the foot path . The beautiful trees around them are looking very beautiful. And the whole road are looking very net and clean.


In which you are seeing a beautiful view of the the park ground which is grassy . Thia is looking very beautiful and attractive. The passenger who gote tired from the large travel came here and sit here and relax themselves. There are also a shadow trees around them.


In this picture you seeing foot path which is look very beautiful. The labours are working around them. They keep the whole park neet and clean. Now they are cutting the grasss. By doing this they level the grass properly that's why the grass looks very beautiful.


In my last and final picture you are seeing a another view of the park . The circular shape shaver . It is in the middle of the park it add more beauty to the park. And you are also seeing a two beautiful trees which in the front of me they are very beautiful and attractive.
So this was my diary game and i hope you all liked it

thanks for reading my post.....



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