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Asslam o alkam dear steemit friends !

How are you all ? I hope yoy you all good and enjoying the good health with the grace of Almighty Allah. Allah is who never keep anyone rewards but it gave us on the right time. Allah is very kind and mercifull to us. I am also good and enjoying the good health with the grace of Almighty Allah.

My Morning time activities...

Today i gote up early in the morning and done my fajar prayer in the jamais masjid bilal with jamat. After the offering the fajar prayer i came back to home and change the dress. I wear track suit for the morning walk. Son i gone for a walk. Today the weather was so good and the it was the cloudy morning. The cold air was blowing. Because of this weather i enjoyed today morning 🌞🌞🌞🌞 walk.
In walk i have taken 25 minutes running. Today my friend is also with me on the morning walk. We both run together. After completing running. We came back to their house.
When i came back home i had taken some exercise at home also . When i came free from all types of activities then my breakfast was ready and i ate my breakfast.

My today diary...

Today my diary consist of my visit to shop of intensles which is man made and made with soil.

Afternoon activities...

At round about 9:00 am my friend came to me when i was setting in my sitting room and says me that to go with me to university to pay fees. So i replied that ok i am ready for going with you there. So i started my bike my friend set on it and we started our journey towards the university. So we reached to university.



When we reached at University the guiad asked with us to see your university cards before entering in the university. So pick off our cards and saw them . So after some investigation they allowded us for enter.
So we enter in the university. We gone to university cafe and buy water because we felt very thirsty . We drank some water . After that we feel fresh.
Them we gone to university office for subit the fees. My friend paid fees . After this we came to university ground were the we find some shadow trees and set under it we felt very fresh because cold air was blowing. We felt very hungry we decided to eat baryaniii so my friend took this and we ate baryaniii . It was so tasty.
After this we decided to came back to home. So i started my bike and start our journey towards house.
When we coming back to home in the way i saw a little stall . On which many kinds of intensles are put which is made up of soil. This is very beautiful and attractive.
Here is the some pictures of this beautiful stall..



In this picture you re seeing a beautiful scene of pots which are made up with soil. As you are seeing that the pitcher of water which is mostly used in my area this is a very beautiful . water is filling in it. The importance of this pitcher is that it keeps water cold. The reason of keeping water cold is that it has a many small poures the science says that due to this small poures the heat of water evaporates .
Due to the regular evaporation the water gets cool .


In this picture you are seeing that the many pots of soil are kept. You are seeing that many other toyes are also kept in it. In which there are tigers rabbit, hores lion eagle and women who have pitcher in her hand. In the village many women are doing this type of action. Because mostly in villges there is a lack of water and there are few poits of water . So the village women gone there with carry their pitchera and bring water for her family.


Aa you are seeing a pots .in this picture i am going to explain the pots which are used to Grind the things. I villages there is no any electronic grinders are available for grinding the kitchen things . So this type of pots are used for grinding. This very useful in my village also. And this is a very unique thing which are used only in villges not in any City.


In this picture i am going to explain the artificial truck. As pakistani truck is very famous all around the world. In this stall you are seeing a man made truck 🚒🚒 it is made at home . This is very good art. In my village there are many art master . They made many things at home which are used in many purposes at hom.


In this picture you are seeing a beautiful water cooler . It mostly used in my area it keeps the water cool . In my village there is very few refrigerators . Soo the people used this cooler for keep the water cool. This is very amazing thing . I hope you all like it.


In this picture you are seeing another side of the stall in which you are seeing a manay water coolers and other things. As you are seeing that a small chair. The village people buy this type of chair for their children. This is also very beautiful and good thing.


In my last and final picture i am going to explain that a thing which is uesd in cooking. We cooked our food in it. This is made up of soil. As the doctor says that the food which is cooked in soil pot are very affective and has many positive and good empect on our health.
So friends this is my diary and i hope you all liked my diary.

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