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Asslam o alkam friends !
How you all ? I hope you all well and enjoying the good health. I am also fine and have good health with the grace of Almighty Allah. Now a days the days of pandemic diasaeas coronavirus are going on and many people effected from this and lose thier lifes. May Allah protect you all from this virus 🦠🦠 and you all enjoyed good health ameen .
Today i gote up early in the morning at 5:00 am. When i saw time there was 10 minutes left for the fajar prayer. I leave my bed and make wadu for the fajar prayer . When i reached at mosque then the time was 5 minutes left for fajar prayer jamat i offered my sonnaa . When i gote free from sonaa then at this time the time of jamat had come and the jamat is stand. So i done my fajar prayer with jamat. After the prayer i
I came back to my and wear the track suit for morning walk . I have run atleast 20 minutes. So after the running i came back to my home and doo some exercise at home also when i gote free from all types of exercise then my breakfast was ready and i ate my breakfast.




Friends today i am going to share with you a flower photography .today the weather was very cloudy and its about to rain 🌧️ . My friend and i decided to enjoy this time so we gathered at some place. Then we starting our walk. When we are going on the road we saw this beautiful flowers. I decided to take pictures of this beautiful flowers so i took pictures of this flowers. Now i am going to sharing with you. Friends our universe is full of natural beauty.
Thia flowers add beauty of the lawn . The whole lawn looks veey beautiful due to this flowers.

So this is my photography on flowers i hope you all liked it.



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