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Hello friends how are you i am fine by the grace of allah and I hope you all will be fine how are you guys how was your day The weather is and the day has become very short. This morning when I get up, after washing my hands and face, I have breakfast. After breakfast, I have heard some news on television. The sugar free orange on the ground was to water them. I cleaned them a little. After that I watered them. I made a few pictures of them which I am sharing




Friends, after a few days, I rested at my house. After resting, I went out of my house. My friend had a thresher to get millet out today. Today we had to go to help him because after that he We started threshing at about eleven o'clock because millet is taken out in the sun. After working for some time, we applied brakes and drank tea. I have made a few pictures of Gaya Bajra coming out which I am sharing with you




After the Zuhr prayer, I said to my friend, "Brother, it is too late for me to leave my house, and I have to go to a friend's house at three o'clock to recite the Qur'an, and his friend is calling me to his house." I left, went to the washroom, washed and put on new clothes, then I performed ablution and went to the mosque to recite the Qur'an. After the recitation, we went straight to our friend's house The anchor was distributed and rice was made in the anchor



After being free from there I came to my house, took out my motorbike and went out. I had to go to a friend. He called me. And I saw a cat. It was a very beautiful cat. I made a picture of it which I will share with you. Then I went straight to my house Did you go to the ground for cricket? Friends, it was a little cold today, so it was not fun to play cricket. After eating, he went out for a short walk, and when he returned, he bought peanuts from the shop. It was time for the match to start. I came home and sat down to watch the match. Gone friends, the rest of the meeting, remember in the rest of the prayers



I pray to Allah Almighty to keep you all happy, may Allah protect you from all sorrows and troubles, may He fulfill all your good needs, may Allah Almighty protect you from all evils, may Allah Almighty bless you all. May Allaah help us all and protect us from all evil deeds. May Allaah forgive us all the minor and major sins. May allah help you to help the poor may allah help you all to help the poor and orphans may allah help you all to forgive your sins and may allah help you all to pray May Allah Almighty forgive all your minor and major sins. May Allah be your supporter and helper. Remember me in your prayers. I am your friend. Hafiz

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