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Hello everyone!

After one week's contest break, I am here with another interesting contest. We are all about power ups now a days since the formation of club5050. Many people are participating and many get discouraged when they don't get rewards. Curators cannot vote for all publications, so many posts are bound to be missed. But don't be discouraged, this contest is for all those who didn't get the rewards - to keep them motivated and consistent with the power ups.

Moreover, there are some people who don't have enough funds to join the club. Generally newcomers are in this category.

Through this contest, I will try to support both kind of users.

  • Who are club5050 members and will do maximum power ups in this week.
  • Who will be active in the community and make quality posts but are not getting any votes or rewards for power up.

What will you get?

I will choose one winner from each category.

  • The one with maximum power ups will win 1000sp delegation from me for 10 days.
  • The other will get 20 steem which he/she has to power up all to be eligible for club5050.

What you have to do?

Just leave a comment under this post if you want to be a part of this contest. I will monitor your posting and blogging activity and will choose winners accordingly.

What you should not do?

  • Do not withdraw more than 50% of your liquid rewards. You have to be a club5050 member to win delegation.
  • Do not withdraw any liquid rewards if you want to win the 2nd category.

Winners will be announced on 1st of November.

If you have any confusion, ask freely in the comments.

All the best,



Discord: event-horizon#5635

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 3 years ago 

I want to participate.

Pink Blooming Bridal Bouquets Sales Presentation (1).gif

Nice i want to participate.

 3 years ago 

It's an amazing step.
I also want to participate in this.
Do consider my posts and blogs.

This is amazing, thanks for organizing this contest. I'll definitely take part in it.

 3 years ago 

I missed it 🥺

 3 years ago 

Interesting 🌺

Wow amazing contest Keep it up God bless you and your team


سلام mam
I was worried since last days that you are not encouraging me to post. So I decided not to post either. But now I will definitely participate in this would be helpful insha'Allah
Be happy 😊

 3 years ago 

You have enough steem, you can power up to be eligible.

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