Reached 7000 SP - Chasing Double Dolphins

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I became Dolphin on 23rd October, 2021. It was only possible due to an incredible support of curators and my commitment to power-ups. Just after 19 days, I have hit 7000 SP. I have been powering up more than 80% of my rewards since the announcement of clubs. Although, I am only eligible for club5050 at the moment. Clubs or not, I have always focused on power-ups more and I will keep doing that in future as well.

Here's the proof of my this little achievement.




I have now 7003.433 staked SP which is a huge achievement for me.

For me, this is my dedication to this amazing platform. This is the result of my hard work, patience, consistency, dedication and tremendous support of curators.

I want to be a Double Dolphin before the year ends. So let's see how it goes. Secretly wishing for the support from curators to be there to help fulfill my next goal.

Power-Up Game Strong ....

.... event-horizon

 3 years ago 

Ahan congratulations ♥️

 3 years ago 

Thank you sista 🤗

 3 years ago 

Hey there! Congratulations.

 3 years ago (edited)

Keep on working hard and you will succeed In Sha Allah.

My request on discord is pending. Please accept it. Thanks

 3 years ago 

You can talk to me about it :)
My contact details are available in my posts :)

 3 years ago 

Congratulations 👏🏻

 3 years ago 

Many Congratulations! More power to you :)

 3 years ago 

Masha Allah may you get more success. Always keep helping others and take blessings from them. Congrs

MashaAllah. InshaAllah you'll achieve a lot more. Lots of prayers for you.

 3 years ago 

Thank you so much.

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