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Hello friends, I hope you are all well and happy wherever you are. As you all know that the moon of Ramadan has appeared today. I wish you all a very Happy Ramadan. May Allah bless us with the blessings of this blessed month and grant us forgiveness and help us to take full advantage of this month.

Today I am going to share a very nice post with you guys. Hope everybody on this site also had a great day. The last few Ramadans have been very good for me but I have no special arrangements. Worshiped as much as possible, but this time I wanted to spend Ramadan better than last Ramadan. A friend of mine has created a page on Instagram on which he has uploaded pictures of Ramadan Journal. I found it very interesting.

Ramadan journal(pg 1_30)

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I thought of ordering it and got one for myself. This journal will be very helpful to me because it has Ramadan routine written on every page. From the first fast of Ramadan to the last fast, all the virtuous prayers are written in order. This made me feel good about myself, because whatever I did, I'll tick to the journal. If any of you want to order this journal for yourself, you can contact me and get the link of Instagram page.

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Dua for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Asrah of Ramadan

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As the first Ashrah of Ramadan has begun which is the Ashrah of mercy. We should recite the dua of this Ashrah frequently and seek the mercy of Allah Almighty. Throughout the year we are busy with worldly affairs. We should give thanks to Allah that Allah has made a month which is food for the soul and we should benefit from it as much as possible. I have explained the duas of the 3 Asrahs here with their meaning. Whoever recites this duas, I will continue to receive this reward.


اے زندہ اور قائم رب! میں تیری رحمت کے حصول کی فریاد کرتا ہوں۔


میرے رب! میں اپنے گناہوں کی مغفرت چاہتا ہوں اور تیری جانب پلٹتا (توبہ کرتا) ہوں۔


اے اللہ! مجھے آگ کے عذاب سے بچا لے۔


JvFFVmatwWHRfvmtd53nmEJ94xpKydwmbSC5H5svBACH7xz8yUS86VYtSf1bh7Q7opYdar53NXcC3ZSmkR3wfq1TzdvCssBTfeRF7cebPS7Qpn3HthPFBYBtj4H7AwzFyqTjYd9KLr (1).png

My Resulations for Ramadan

JvFFVmatwWHRfvmtd53nmEJ94xpKydwmbSC5H5svBACH7xz8yUS86VYtSf1bh7Q7opYdar53NXcC3ZSmkR3wfq1TzdvCssBTfeRF7cebPS7Qpn3HthPFBYBtj4H7AwzFyqTjYd9KLr (1).png

Before the beginning of each Ramadan I think a lot of things why life is so busy that we can not pay the right to worship. In Ramadan, I try to do as many good and virtuous deeds as possible and give up one of my worst habits. This is the best thing i done in every Ramadan.

1- I will try not to miss a single prayer but to perform Tahajjud regularly along with the prayers.
2- I will do my best not to miss a single Taraweeh.
3- finish at least two Qur'ans(Insha Allah).
4- Do not break a single fast.
5- Help the poor as much as possible.
6- Helping my mother as much as possible in making iftar beacuse it is also a virtue.
7-Don't hurt anyone with my tongue, hands and mouth.

And there are many other things that a person thinks and tries his/her best to do before Ramadan begins. I hope that I will fulfill all these things and try my best to please my Allah.

Happy Ramadan to you all from me, may allah forgive me and your sins this Ramadan charity and help us to pay our dues for this month.





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Ramzan Mubarak to you too! May Allah blesses us all and may we all make most of this Holy month Aameen.

Can you please share the page of your friend? It sounds interesting I also want to see and order it..

Yeah sure

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This is very interesting, I never thought that we can have a Ramdan Journal. .do share the link so that we can order too :)

Yeah sure :)

 2 years ago 

Thank you

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