weekly-engagement-week-16: City Life vs Village Life participation-by embassyclassic

Hi everyone this is my entry for the contest tittled: City Life vs Village Life

Village Life
All of us have village we all come from and our villages has groomed us in different ways, some experiences have left so indelible mark that is still with till date. Village life for me I would say is the best life I’ve enjoyed so far, I could remember when I was little living with my Aunt, every night we will go out to look at the moon, she will be telling us folk tails and also sing epic songs which we usually enjoyed a lot cause it communicated so much morals and values we needed as toddlers to become responsible children in the society and at time we will act dramas. I could also remember us looking at star fly and we will be thinking that the stars are actually moving or following us.

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The most amazing aspect of the village life is the beautiful and colorful display of cultural posterity like masquerades,cultural dance, local wrestling and local football competitions.

At the village you get to learn how to cook the children's kind of food (at this point as children we will use tin tomatoes container to prepare some kind of soup in which we don’t eat when we use dirty water to cook but when we use clean water to cook we eat them). This little things taught us to be responsible both to ourselves and our family. At a tender age we had already known how to prepare food for ourselves even without our parent supervision. In the village we get to eat palm fruit and also break the shell and eat the nut inside, at times we use the seed to produce home made palm kernel oil where we use it for babies to maintain their complexion before introducing a body cream.

Streams... yeah I can't forget that. It's really a nice place to be. When you wrapped in the coldness of the water that you are shaking but you still can't come out of the water because of the usual heat that will scorch your skin after coming out of the water. Imagine swimming with the fishes inside the water.. Village life.... wow! it was simply amazing I could also remember when we go for game hunting, fishing, farming and trap setting to catch bush meats.

We first learnt about sex when we see a cock and a chicken mating. Most interestingly, the same cock that was birth some months ago will go after the same chicken that birth it to lay with it again.

City Life
Sincerely i would say that the city is the center of the modern living but there quite a lot of challenges with the city life ranging from recklessness to clubbing to fraud to corruption, impersonation and all manner of things.

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Locked up in every city corner are amazing talents and solution inventors. The city is really a global village where high profile people are found, people whom their presence alone is a great motivation and a spike on our back to get up and work. There are technology everywhere in the city that makes life very easy that is not there in the village. Education is a top notch priority in the city meanwhile in the village less attention is attached to education as it is in the city.

Nice buildings everywhere in the city whereas in the village all that are primitive houses made with mood.

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