Stake Collateral to Mint USDO / Passive income


Crypto earning is helping a lot of people to manage their daily needs. And i am one of those people. I don't have a job and im all in crypto. Earning passive income through daily trades.
There are many ways to earn through crypto.
Staking, Farming, minting and lending etc, these are some ways of earning.
I have recently discovered a Nice platform where i am earning handsome amount of money.
Here is the link to the platform
This platform allow to stake Collateral in order to mint USDO. USDO is the Stable coin. Which can then be lend to earn attractive apy.
The platform supports a lot of assets which you can stake to mint USDO.
I have staked $hotcross as collateral and minted 90% USDO. After that i used this USDO to buy more hotcross to add collateral so that i can avoid the liquidation risk. Now my mint position is around 63%. Which means if hotcross drops 37% then my assets Will be liquidated and i will lose some portion of my collateral.
Have a look below


I can still mint USDO but that Will be very risky. i don't want to be greedy. Anyway i am earning handsome rewards on daily basis.
In case if you want to try it, there are three simple steps

(1)Stake any supported asset as Collateral
(2)Mint USDO
(3)Lend USDO to earn handsome rewards.

The picture below will give you an idea


You can repay minted USDO to get back Collateral.
USDO is trading on pancakeswap.

When you mint USDO Keep in mind one thing that do not mint 100%. Otherwise you will have greater Risk of liquidation.
Minting is beneficial as long as you don't become greedy. Just play safe and you are good.

Thank you for reading, have a nice day ❤️.

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