Delicious White Chicken

Its night here and the weather is much cold. Streets and roads seems to be empty because of the Fog.

i am sitting in my room after Eating White Chicken that i ordered from the Restaurant.

Its late night here and there is only 1 Restaurant near my home which offers Delivery 24 hours. This is really a blessing for me.

Anyway ,Here is the picture of Chicken which i ordered from the Restaurant


It was simply Delicious. Look at the Gravy, it is cooked in oil. Seems tasty ? Definitely

Actually i came home late and all other members of my family are already sleeping.

I checked the freezer and there was nothing to eat there.

I thought i should not bother anyone by asking them to prepare food for me.

I don't know cooking myself so i have to order from the Restaurant.

That's all.

I hope you are having fun with your family and friends. Keep me in your prayers.

Thank you.

 2 years ago 
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Hi bro, bhai koi b support nahi kar raha . Original content hain phir b koi support nahi.
Am i missing something ? Vote q ni mil rahay meri posts ko ?
Thanks in advance.

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