Chill Day With Friends

Hello Dear Hive Friends, hope you are having fun with your family and friends.
Let me tell you how i spent my day. Today i met with my three Friends who were my roommates at hostel in College days. We all belong to the same City but from different areas. We went out in near restaurant named ”Open Ocean” There we ordered a medium pizza in mughlai flavour With hot Wings and 1.5 litr Coke.
Look in the Picture below


It was Such a Delicious Pizza plus the hot wings were very tasty. You must be having water in your mouth after watching above picture 😛. Ok lets have another pic in zoom.


Can you believe that How much was the deal Cost? It was 1150 Pkr in local Currency which is around 7 US dollars. A medium Pizza ,hot wings and a 1.5 litre coke in just 7$ is cool.
Ist it Good deal ? Its is. Hahaha
i would love to know the Prices in your country too. Let me know in comments.

While eating we discussed a lot of things and went back to the old memories. Everyone of us was very happy.
We gathered after a long time so everyone had something to tell.
Here are some of our pics that we clicked

This is me.



The one clicking the Picture is doing job in Police Department, My 2nd Friend who is behind him is a Teacher and the third one is a Frontend developer. We spent the time Happily as it was a great day. We wish together in the future.

Thank you for reading.


Pizza and wings look delicious. Good photography 👍

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