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Assalamualikum to all the members of @steemit-pakistan.


This is @cocomuff. I am doing very great and hoping that you all will be fine and having healthy and blessed life. Today i am here again to share my diary game with all of you. So let's get started:-


In the beginning I wana to talk about
لوگ کیا کہیں گے۔#

We have heard this one sentence from childhood. This sentence is an arrow that has badly pierced this society, the desire to move forward, the desire to do something, every other person who believes in ability becomes a victim of mental illness. We can't get this one sentence out of our lives even if we want to. But why ? And for how long? Life is ours Only we have the right to decide why we think of people. When we are sad people do not come to share our sorrow People do not come to comfort us We are the best consolation for ourselves People come only when criticized۔

Life is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We must not allow another person to interfere in our personal lives and decisions, and we must not allow this mindset to dictate our own life decisions. This is our life and we have to live it. We have every right to live our life as we wish. Make every decision you want and live according to your will.


As it's shown in the title that it was a girl's day out. So according to plan, I woke up in the morning bit late I didn't have breakfast. I just cleaned up the kitchen and unfortunately The light went out I started to wait. We were supposed to leave at 4 o'clock but due to electricity we will leave after 5 o'clock. We get ready and left home. My friend was outside of the home to pick me up. My sisters were also with me. We went to Mega Munch for the first time. Because we heard the pizza here is too good.


When we reached there we ordered their Crust Stuffed Pizza with all-time favorite coke. Honestly speaking pizza was too good compared to others except for Saqafat restaurant which is on top. But the pizza was delicious. After having pizza we clicked some pictures and then we left for ice cream.


For ice cream we went to Herry and Sharrey one of favorite ice cream parlor. We ordered caramel crunch. Then we went to Fri chicks we ordered zingers for our other family members and came back home at 8 pm. It was a good day we played songs in the car and enjoyed every single moment. It was a memorable day.


Thank you for visiting. I hope you all will like it.


sweet regards



Special thanks




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 2 years ago 
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 2 years ago 

very well written post, too good

 2 years ago 

Thank you

Indeed 'log kya kahenge' has destroyed a lot of lives. A depiction of this sentence was beautifully portrayed in that 3 iditos movie. This is a disease which spreads overtime. Unfortunately it usually exists in South Asia only.

Anyway, you have good writing skills. I feel you have a very bright future ahead of you on steemit.

 2 years ago 

Oh yes how can i forget that movie, thank you for mentioning.
And thank you for acknowledging my work.

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