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Asslamualikum steemit family.


This is me @aneela78 .How are you all doing ,I hope everyone is doing great .I’m here again to share another diary with you all. Which is about the Superior faculty Iftaar dinner 2k22.
Let’s started :-



I woke up at 3:30am and offer my Tahjud prayer.And then I went for sehri my mother made sehri for us in sehri I had Biryani , Dehi and Tea.Usually I eat partha in sehri but last night my sister made biryani in Iftaar so I also eat Biryani in sehri.

Mostly people said that k if you eat Biryani in sehri you feel thirsty all day.But it’s just a myth not a reality.Last Ramadan I only eat Biryani, palao, boiled rice with dal in sehri. And I never felt thirsty all day during fast.

So After sehri I wait for the fajar Azan.After Azan I offer my fajar prayer and recite Holly Quran.After that I went to sleep round about 5:30am.




So again I woke at 6:40am because of college.In Ramadan routine becomes so hectic I just feel sleepy all day.Kahir after waking up I just got fresh and iron my clothes and start getting ready for college.

After getting ready I wait for my Auto.Aa usual my auto came late.I left for college at 7:30am which is the my timing for reaching at college and I was late as usual because in Ramadan all schools colleges timings are the same and roads are full of traffic.

I reached college at 7:45am and again got scold by my Campus InChArG.:(خیر ہوتا ہے چلتا ہے دنیا ہے
I just start working on my task. I had to perform exam duty duty the main reason of being scolded.And after that I done my other daily tasks.




As I mentioned it was iftaar dinner by my college at Char Minar. So I left college early round about 1:00pm. After reaching home I offer my zuhar prayer and went to sleep because at 5:00pm I have to left for the Iftaar dinner.

I woke up at 4:00pm and guess what there was no light at home.And I didn’t iron my clothes.what a bad luck.At 4:30pmلائٹ آگئی۔۔ and I ironed my clothes.And offer my Asar prayer.

After that I start getting ready for the Iftaar.and again my Auto wala came late.So I left home round about 5:20pm.And I also picked my colleague on my way to char minar.




We reached Char Minar at 5:45pm. Almost all the male female staff members were there.And other came after us.After sone time Our worthy principal came.And Ceremony started.

There was also Umrah draw.three Umrah draw was included one for the male staff,one for the Female staff and one for the those staff member who are the in college more than 6years.

Started with the Talwet-e-Quran pak. Sir Umsan recite the talwet.After that Sir Nadeem Iqbal gave the lecture on Sabar.He qouted the Hadees and Quran Ayat in his lecture.

So after that our principal announce the winner of Umrah ticket after the draw. Those lucky people were Sir Ijaz, Miss Javeria and Miss Humaira.May Allah pak give a sadat of umarah to every Muslim Ameen.


Char Minar Event Complex


After that we Iftaar our Fast with Kahjoor and Jam-e-Sherri.national drink of Pakistan.We eat Russian salad, Chicken pakora,Dahi bhaly,Samosa,Bagan pakora.

After Iftaar we all went for the Maghrib prayer there was also the arrangements for the Prayer.Male members offer the prayer in the Imamt of Sir Nadeem iqbal and for female there was separate hall for Namaz.

After namaz we all went back to our seats and round about 8:00pm they served dinner. In dinner we had Different type of Handi,BBQ,Chinese,Pasta, Naan, Biryani and in Sweet Gulab jaman , Pastries , Ice cream , Kheer and Custred.After dinner we had photo session and round about 8:45pm we left for home.


Okay G here I’m ending my diary hope you all enjoy reading it.See you guys next time .Take care







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 2 years ago 

Nice diary

 2 years ago 


 2 years ago 

You had a good day.
the food is looking delicious.
I don't know how do you manage all these things, fasting, college and then iftar party.
It’s become so much hectic.
Chalo behan Allah tmhy himmat day 😎

 2 years ago 

U spend a good day. Thanks for sharing your day with us

 2 years ago 

Well written diary.❤️

 2 years ago 


 2 years ago 

Your feet are looking gorgeous in beautiful shoes my dear friend. Gulab jaman is my favorite sweet 🎂. Your post is an amazing post dear friend

 2 years ago 

Have a good day...
You have captured the pictures in a nice way and food is yummm❤❤
Keep posting and sharing your story with us❤

 2 years ago 


There were seventeen category of food Allah

Russian salad, Chicken pakora,Dahi bhaly,Samosa,Bagan pakora. Handi,BBQ,Chinese,Pasta, Naan, Biryani and in Sweet Gulab jaman , Pastries , Ice cream , Kheer and Custred

خیر ہوتا ہے چلتا ہے ہوٹل ہے

Best wishes

Ma'sha'Allah May Allah help the lucky ones Sir Ijaz, Miss Javeria and Miss Humaira to go on Umrah and May Allah give you the opportunity too.

Phtography & presentaion

Awesome Photography and No doubt a very well presenting.

 2 years ago 

Ameen and thankyou

 2 years ago 


Your full-day was awesome. Dear. Even I Like your sister made biryani so much. Because it's my favorite.Well, your photography skill is very good. Values are looking beautiful. And your IFTAR party place is awesome

You have beautifully presented your post.Presented your post in extremely elegant language.Food photography has fascinated me a lot.The mosque was very beautiful to look at.Thank you so much for sharing your post with us.

Best regards 💖

 2 years ago 

واہ علیکم سلام

وعلیکم اسلام آپ نے سحری سے لے کر افطاری تک بہت ہی اچھے انداز میں ہمارے ساتھ اس کو شیئر کیا ہے اور واقعی آپ نے اس دن کو بہت انجوائے کیا ہے اور آپ ایسے ہی ہنستے مسکراتے رہیں اور آپ کی زندگی میں خوشیاں ہی خوشیاں آئے آمین

Mashallah, you have shared it with us in a very good way from Sehri to Iftar and you have really enjoyed this day and you keep on laughing and smiling like this and happiness is the only happiness in your life. 💚 آمین 💚

 2 years ago 

Ameen and thank you so much

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