Thoughts on the Social Blockchain Working Group and OpenSeed

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A few days ago @andrarchy announced a working group for a new social blockchain project composed of lots of ex-Steemit employees and a few others. I've been a fly on the wall in a lot of this because of my involvement in OpenSeed and I just want to share some thoughts about it as well as how it links with OpenSeed and what this all means for Steem and Steemians.

So first off...

None of This is Anti-Steem

At least not in my opinion. I suppose it has to do with what it is exactly that you value about Steem. The token name, the token value, your current token holdings, the dapps, the community, dpos, decentralization, censorship resistance, whatever. Whatever it is that you value about Steem in its current state, there is a reality that we all have to deal with and that is that Steem is never going to be the same as it was before this TRON fiasco.

We're currently at the root of a path that can branch off into multiple different things and none of them will be what we had before. Several of these paths can and will exist simultaneously, and I don't think any of them necessarily require damage done to the other branches in order for them to exist.

With that in mind, something being "good for Steem" has to do with how good it will be for all of us, the users. The people who are on this blockchain day in and day out doing whatever it is you do here. EXACTLY what this looks like is still currently in flux as TRON is still an unpredictable variable in the future of our community.

What any person or group can do regarding Steem at this point is limited and dependent on what happens with this situation. That is the reality of our current state. What I can tell you for sure is that the people in that working group really do care about Steem. I mean it's really not that hard to believe considering how close we are to everything we've wanted for literally YEARS here on the blockchain. Stop for a second and imagine that if you're as disappointed as you are with the current state of things, how much worse it would be if it was actually your work, your blood, sweat, and tears that was now suddenly and abruptly thrown off the rails. How would you feel? How might you react? Just chew on that for a bit.


Picture Break

What about OpenSeed?

So OpenSeed was always meant to be cross-platform. It's meant to provide some of the same value that Steem does as a database, only specifically NOT on-chain, while leveraging a blockchain layer for all the things that actually NEED to be on a blockchain. So regardless of the different paths that emerge from Steem at this point, OpenSeed is the Borg and it can and will adapt.

What I'd Love to See

Personally of the potential things that I think could happen with Steem, what I'd love to see is something that builds on what we have currently. I love Communities, I still want SMT's, I've worked my ass off for my current level of influence and I'd love it if all that didn't get flushed down the toilet. I want our dapps to be able to continue to develop, and of course, I want the community to retain its spirit and image. I think this current situation has given us a glimpse of the power that I've always known was here, of the potential of what's possible if we work together for a common goal. This is a spark that I want to nurture into a flame and then to a blazing inferno and I think that's all still possible. When we get through this, as a community, we will be that much stronger, that much more bulletproof, that much less vulnerable.

Why I'm Here

I haven't posted much over the last couple of weeks, but I've been reading and curating. Seeing what some people value here and what is most important. I read some that have said they are here for the token value to increase...period. That's fine, but that's not me.

This shit can change the world. That's what's exciting to me. That's what I'm here for. There are tons of problems in the world and I think we're sitting on some solutions. Where we are right now has been the biggest hurdle we've faced since I've been involved, but at the end of the day it's just that, a hurdle to be overcome. It's not the end as long as we're still here to keep moving forward. The path forward is by no means clear, but that's what it means to be a trailblazer.

It's crazy that all of this is happening at the same time as a global pandemic, record stock crashes, crazy crypto crashes, global panic in general, but what can you do. Stay safe IRL, and stay strong on the blockchain.

I'll see you all in the next post.


I’m anxiously awaiting a more full announcement of Hive tomorrow. My gut feeling is that Justin Sun will succeed in centralizing the Steem blockchain and I’ll wholeheartedly move my activity to a new fork. The decentralized, ownerless aspect of Steem was always the magic to me, and has only been proven in the interim as I’ve dabbled in other networks like Sola and Narrative only to see them shut down. Once Steem can be unilaterally shut down, my interest wanes. I’m eager to see a community driven renaissance where no one is waiting or depending on an “Inc.” of any kind to make their project a reality.

That was always the magic for me too. That's what I'll be chasing from the different things that could pop up from where we are.

"This shit can change the world."

Steem envisioned a non-geographic polity of voluntary participants that based governance on stake. While certain features of Steem guaranteed failure, such as Stinc's 80% initial stake, and the 30x magnification of the weight of stake on governance 30 full stake witness votes caused, it has been a remarkable success in resisting censorship and enabling a community of individuals to coalesce on the platform.

If Hive can capture this potential while fixing the obvious dysfunctional flaws, that potential will live on, and that is what I anticipate. @blocktrades is no neophyte, and certainly is motivated to do so, and you and the folks at @openseed demonstrate that @blocktrades isn't alone in his competence and motivation. This idea is pregnant with potential in the world of centralized control of finance, and that world is in the process of crumbling around our transition away from Stinc.

Chaos is a ladder.

Let's start climbing.


I think the shift from what Steem was / is, to an innovation & improvement on this model is going to be one of the most important moments in blockchain history.

We could get things right, and set a new decentralized standard, or we can fumble from the start.

Here's hoping for the former, obviously ;^)

Believe it or not I am still unsure of the goal of and what is open seed. it has not been explained very well. I read one post and it seems like it will be a block chain explorer, like an early Netscape, I read another post and it is going to be a block chain only centralized. I keep reading about it, but it is still not clear what the project is about, what the time table is for realization. There is no real clear communications on the hopes dreams and goals for the Open Seed project, at least none that are clearly stated or understandable. Now reading your post it is going to be a centralized Database? What like Oracle? Crypto Currency is difficult to grasp and wrap my head around. Is it just going to be a dApp, then why the need for steem block chain user to "migrate" to it? Open Seed is still a confusion to me in other words.

OpenSeed is an opensource database. It also has some decentralized features in that anyone can run a node. It has features that will make building applications faster and easier and was built specifically with a lot of the problems that Steem faces in mind. For example...

  • User accounts
    So on Steem to make a new account, we have to make a blockchain level account which is slow and cumbersome, but with OpenSeed you could make accounts as easily as other centralized services.
  • Chat
    Chat is fast and not necessarily something you want to be public. OpenSeed allows you to make something private, something that can be deleted, basically all the things you expect with a chat client. Only it can be integrated into Steem dapps across the board with a consistent experience.

Everything it does is along these lines. All the things that social applications need, but that either doesn't require or doesn't work on a blockchain, OpenSeed is there to fill those gaps.

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With openseed, and hive, and onchainart in both places, do you think you will still have time to continue running onchainart curation on steem block chain? I am trying to figure out what I want to do with my Steem. Since it is unlikely for now that I will be posting I pulled my steem-ua delegation, another few I was delegating to told me to pull the delegations from them, so I did, if you are still going to try and run both I will leave the delegation, if not let me know please.

I'm going to run both for now. Some have already pulled their delegations and that's fine, but for now I'm going to keep things going on both. If that changes I'll make an announcement.

Okay sounds good, I'll leave it for now.

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