Survey submission

These are my answers to the STT's first survey.
Everything stated below is my opinion and should be taken as such.

Q: How long have you been using Steem?
A: Roughly for two years.

Q: Where are you in terms of SP? (Plankton(0-500SP), Minnow(500-5000SP), Dolphin(5k-50kSP), Whale(you're probably not a whale, if you are you know what a whale is))
A: Definetly plankton.

Q: Where are you in the world? (Just Country)
A: I do not feel comfortable answering this question.

Q: What brought you to Steem?
A: I see it as a platform for my future creative endeavors.

Q: What was your first impression?
A: This is SO COOL
Ext. I don't mind a system being complicated as I generally do not have a problem comprehending logical structures, systems, and environments.

Q: How do you feel about the current state of Steem?
A: I think that, at this point, there is upwards potential.

Q: How often do you use Steem applications/websites/etc?
A: Occasionally.

Q: What is your favorite Steem Application and why?
A:; It gives me all the juicy details.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about Steem?
A: I can probably store arbitrary information forever.

Q: What’s your least favorite thing about Steem?
A: Inflation and boosters.

Q: How difficult/easy would you say it is to use Steem?
A: For me, very easy. For most people, Facebook is easier.

Q: Would you recommend Steem to family/friends/coworkers? If no why not?
A: Any day.

Q: What do you wish you could do with Steem that you can’t currently?
A: Make something I know will matter.

Q: What excites you most about Steem?
A: It's technological potential.

Q: What worries you most about Steem?
A: Inflation, speculation and /redacted/

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Hi @emmanuel.singer, thanks for taking the survey! Unfortunately this entry is the 12th so you missed the 10 Steem reward threshold as I was rewarding the first 10. Actually decided to go ahead and send it since it's only you and one other person that did it after the promised 10 :)


I was aware I was no longer eligible for the reward and took the survey anyway. I do, however, appreciate the kind gesture :-)

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