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RE: CEO v0.54 Unit Preview - [Gluttony]

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Quick moveset idea. It'd probably be more thematic for it to have W melee instead of F melee (that means range 1 axial vs. range 1 diagonal), but F melee is more playable.



This is actually very similar to what I currently have, other than: costs, 2 range, base tier starting with kingattack, and some other minor details. I think we are on the same page of gluttony starting the game as a relatively weak unit, so I can tell this idea wasn't arbitrary.

In terms of costs, I have some trouble in the comparison between envy/gluttony. As far as I can see it, envy is the more offensive version while gluttony is more defensive. Envy magic by itself is not very useful for defending, and gluttony is not very good for attacking initially, but gluttony can become a raid boss while envy can become a queen. Also, as you have pointed out, defending is quite strong in CEO, so I think even if the two had completely equal movesets gluttony would be higher cost than envy, but how much higher to be balanced is still unknown.

If I had to actually guess what you currently have, it'd be this (and yes I'm making fun of you with it)


I think the effect should be considered a bit like a Vampire that gains no value when taking minions (a lot of them have kingattack anyway, or would even make it worse with move-only). There's no such thing as "completely equal moveset" with this comparison but I guess you could imagine range 3 unblockable attack only in place of Envy... but that would turn into most of the benefit.

Envy has a "sacrifice=worse" effect that Gluttony does not (turning Envy+0 into a higher-cost unit is 'better' than turning Envy+3 into that same higher-cost unit). And, practically, it is somewhat unlikely for Gluttony to have the dream situation of taking several units in a game. If you wanted to try to improve Gluttony's chances of getting good action squares, it would probably be having a mix of move only + attack only actionset as there are more pieces that can 'upgrade' those into Move or Attack.


lmao the +++ upgrade.
ok fine, I'm guilty of that...

One thing gluttony does have which you touched on a bit, is the weakness of overwriting existing useful moves with things of much less value, making higher tiers of gluttony a potentially larger loss from an otherwise equal attack, such as any of the tiers in this moveset you've made attacking a hostage/princess and immediately becoming harmless as a result.

Usually the negative impact wouldn't be so extreme, but if you look around the units in the game you start to find that a large number of them can actually cause a lot of harm to gluttony simply from transferring their movesets onto his, and this becomes even more common if you factor in the lack of transferring passives that may build onto that moveset (ex: sylph/snake).

This is a double-edged sword though, because gluttony also avoids taking any negative passives such as virtues, elementals, reaver/merc, fireball, or even soulflare. This means gluttony can become extremely powerful from attacking an otherwise weak/balanced unit, or become extremely weak from attacking an otherwise strong unit.

I think passives should give Gluttony indigestion. ;)

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