Mystery of the Chess Evolved Online [Trailer] - round 2.

Did you know?
I am the world's greatest [game] designer.


I play CEO for over 4 years, 1500 daily challenges completed. And I see this trailer for the first time.

does this mean we are getting a non-flash CEO?

Did you still remember CEO got Greenlighted by Steam?

 2 years ago (edited)

I can't hear what you're saying! You at least need subtitles. Also using wind magic on a queen at 2:31 is just stupid.

 2 years ago (edited)


That's A NERF!
It's time you see the true power... of a King!
Nothing, could prepare you for this!
If it's a challenge you're looking for... it is one you will find!
Did you think it would be easy?
Your intelligence will be tested... and pushed to its limit!
They say the game of kings is a sleeping giant...

Does it really count as a 3:17 if YouTube shows it as 3:18 before the video starts? :}

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