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New Feature:

This area acts as a staging ground for unfinished prototypes and miscellaneous tools or novelties that would otherwise have no legitimate placement within the game, and serves to allow player testing for various new features before they are considered complete or viable.

v0.54 CEO LAB includes a Replay System.
After any match or challenge, go to the lab for a replay code.
During replay, it is possible to explore branching possibilities.
Replay system allows toggle of AI for either side during branches:
A saved daily challenge replay code allows anyone to play it again!


The monster of many forms.
This unit has nearly limitless capacity, as it is able to combine any existing moveset onto another in multiple stacking sequences. There are literally trillions of possible outcomes to this seemingly simple unit.


VoidMage cost increased to 6/9/14/16
Void ability cost increased to [Pay 2]
Null Magic now causes transparency (ghost passive)
Nulled Gemini now splits into 0 value twins
FireMage cost reduced to 5/6/8/10
FireMage+++ moveset improved
Taurus cost reduced to 5/6/8/10
Siren tier-shift up at same cost
Rook upgrade path changed to favor utility
Harpy+++ cost increased by 1
Arachnid+++ cost reduced by 1
Base Knight cost increased by 1
Princess+++ penalty increased by 2
Medusa cost changed to 9/11/13/17
Medusa no longer immune to petrify
Base Phalanx cost reduced by 1
Snake effect threshold reduced to 10
Snake+++ cost reduced by 1
Tombstone augment range increased by 1 all tiers
Tombstone morale gain effect increased by 1 all tiers
Archer tier-shift up at same cost
RoyalGuard+++ moveset improved
RoyalGuard cost reduced to 2/3/5/6
Ghost+++ moveset improved
Ghost cost increased to 3/4/6/7
Salamander cost increased to 0/3/4/5
Dragon cost reduced to 15/18/21/24
Wrath tier-shift up at cost 6/8/10/12
Crusader+ moveset improved
Base Crusader cost reduced by 2
Chastity cost reduced to 5/8/10/12
Beacon final tiers gain mobility
Valkyrie upgrade path improved at cost 8/10/12/14
FrostMage upgrade path improved at cost 5/7/10/14
Hoplite tier-shift up at cost 0/1/3/6
All tiers of Portal gain 1 space forward teleswap
Guardian cost reduced to 6/7/8/9
Guardian move range reduced by 1 all tiers
Spider gains Arachnid promote
Skeletons promote into Skeleton+++, even if summoned
Spearman upgrade path improved at cost 1/2/5/6
Swordsman cost increased to 1/2/4/5
Paladin cost reduced to 9/12/14/15
Militia upgrade path improved
Militia penalty increased by 1 all tiers
Frog/Toad leap-attack now chains into multikills
Pyromancer upgrades improved at cost 10/11/13/16
Hydromancer tier-shift up at cost 6/8/9/10
Summon Skeleton Magic returned to [Pay 4]
Prince cost changed to 9/10/12/14
Mercenary upgrade path changed at cost 1/2/4/6
Banshee movement range reduced at low tier
Gnome+++ cost increased by 1
Behemoth cost changed to 9/11/16/22
Bat gains 1 space attack backwards
Bat gains on kill 1 morale drain
Bomber+ moveset adjusted
Templar+++ cost reduced by 1
Base Ranger cost increased by 1
Tiger cost increased to 1/3/5/7
Bishop cost increased to 10/12/13/14
Slime cost reduced to 1/2/4/5
GiantSlime cost reduced to 5/7/9/12
Fencer gains 1 diagonal move range all tiers
Fencer+++ moveset changed
Butterfly cost reduced to 0/2/3/5
Undine cost reduced to 0/1/2/4
WaterElemental tier-shift up at cost 6/8/12/16
ArchBishop cost reduced to 15/18/21/24
Fortress cost reduced to 16/21/25/28
(time to remake a few armies)

Other Changes:

Shop now loads 50~100x faster due to critical optimization of market loading, which will now stream across the span of several seconds rather than attempting to load upfront when entering the shop.

Null and Void effects now have intense graphical impact on the unit they're used against, allowing either player to intuitively discern which units have been nulled/voided at a glance, rather than memorization.

AI improved heuristics against many effects and circumstances. The AI is still not allowed to look ahead, but will begin to play better in many instances due to a new understanding of various mechanics.

New sound engine that dynamically creates audible multikill or effect stacking by placing all sounds into queue and playing through them at a rate of 20 per second, rather than simply stacking sounds into higher volume as many games do. This effect will show its true value, in time.

A new audiovisual indicator has been added to the login box timer on the title screen, mostly for purpose of having the game in a minimized tab or behind another window you can now hear a soft flare effect when the login box timer hits 0.

All 'delayed death' glitches involving samurai, poison, thunder, royalguard, dove, bonepile, temperance, etc. are now fixed.

All strange behaviors derived from leap-attack type ambiguity against phoenix, wisp, bomber, mephit, armor, etc. are now fixed. New leap attack is unblockable against armor, but most of these effects CAN interrupt the chains (including comet/aquarius).

Discord/Forum links added to title screen

and of course,
the true reason this update took 2 years:

this is some seriously advanced technology.


This scrollbar was worth the wait.

I guess this is the final blow to all that heathens, who did not believe in the second coming of our Lord and Savior Grandestine!
Btw, I love that Lab a lot.

 2 years ago (edited)

Base-tier Bat shows the red square for "Attack-only", but it is not in the description segment.

Also, NullMage ability says "Target enemy can no longer blocks movement". Either remove the "s" from "blocks" or drop the "can".

good catch

 2 years ago (edited)

Good job!
Also congrats to all players!
Today worth celebrate!

holy shit.... I played for like a year after the last update before I decided the game was dead. Thanks for the epic necromancy

Null Magic now causes transparency (ghost passive)
Nulled Gemini now splits into 0 value twins

But... are the twins transparent?

 2 years ago (edited)

Huzzah for an actual update crossing the finish line!

Of course, now everyone will be wondering "when is v0.55 coming out".
I don't really care "when" (at least not yet), but I am curious to hear a little about what some of the future vision for CEO looks like.

  • More pieces? Obviously. As the last remaining sin, we'll get Sloth at some point (or maybe the joke will be we don't get Sloth because it's late to everything), and maybe some more virtues. Beyond that I wouldn't deign to guess.
  • More features? The Lab is a cool addition and I'm sure there will be plenty more innovations on that front at some point. There's also the "Under Construction" areas in the ruby-gold exchange area, with the Flame and Hell tokens, for example.
  • Eventual Steam release? As many have said, you did get a green light at one point and now that Flash is officially deprecated, who knows how long Kong will last? If we want to make it to v1.00 eventually Grand will need a backup plan in mind for that eventuality.

Anyway, good update, now i gotta play some games.

Edit: Also did you increase Gold rewards for winning games? That's good if so - the gold to ruby exchange rate is pretty hideous right now.

Maybe I'm hallucinating, but I feel that the AI has been moving a bit slower after this update. Anyone else notice this?

I have noticed it too, but it also seems quite a bit smarter though so it's probably just "thinking" lol

Fire mage buff! Woohoo :D

 2 years ago 

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