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RE: CEO v0.54 Unit Preview - [Gluttony]

in CEO Champion's Gate2 years ago (edited)

have him assimilate a hauntedarmor (tier doesn't matter) and a base ranger in that order... you will have a diagonally armored kingmove ranger :o

PieceMaker-Gluttony [HA_Ranger0].png

tier in this pic represents the tier of HA assimilated first


something of note here - the target needs to have unbroken armor for gluttony to actually gain any armor, so this scenario would require gaining unblockable first, or maybe some range 2 attacks.

 2 years ago (edited)

if broken armor stays broken on gluttony then yeah, if gluttony can't attack beyond king (without yellow swaps) it can't become the armored ranger

moomfox gluttony is scary especially with the value increase on eating, but (bW) can easily be overlapped

 2 years ago (edited)

We forgot fireball no downside.
Fear Me.PNG

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