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RE: CEO v0.54 Unit Preview - [Gluttony]

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Can Gluttony has the passive to kill unit from the same side? That would be interesting and fit Gluttony

Always like to combine Moonfox's revive ability with Samurai's auto attack trigger, it kill any melee unit that attack the piece on the next round.


After being in ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend mode on how to change my profile picture for 24 hours , something pop into my mind.

Gluttony is habitual greed or excess in eating, it must stay hungry and keep eating. We focus too much in letting it get move set of it's victim, but seldom discuss on how to give it a reason to keep eating endlessly.

Fire elemental is an existing pieces that have a reason to keep attacking, i am thinking that Gluttony should get cost decay by time so that it need to keep consuming other units.
As to balance it's power, Gluttony should only keep two sets of move set of it's victim, one from the last champion it consume, second from the last minion it consume. This way, it will only have 2 sets of movement at the same time, preventing it to be overpower at late game if it consume many different units early on.

As for the idea of being able to kill own unit, this should only be available after Gluttony gain move set from consuming enemy's unit. As time goes on, the lust of eating grow and Gluttony starts to consume unit from it's own side, becoming cannibal.

I was thinking somthing similar, it would fit gluttony but it has tatical thinking attached to it, you're sacrificing a) your unit b) moral, unless it was 5 or cheeper, which would prob weaken glut anyway c) numbers advantage. (16 swordsmen are better than a dragon, we just don't have space.)

I think it would be too strong if you can attack your own units to create any combo. Some units are only limited by restrictive passives such as chastity/temperance/patience/reaver/merc, and some are 1-use like fireball or soulflare, but gluttony mechanics do not steal passives so gluttony could use these units to exploit their efficiency and bypass all negatives.

Even beyond this, simply combining a few choice units from your own army without much possibility of counterplay would be enough to break the game I think, and gluttony cost would need to be astronomical to match that extreme power. ex: eat a few cheap mages and a bat, but suddenly have something that should cost like 40, I don't think it could ever be balanced to build your own gluttony, lol.

 2 years ago (edited)

Good point, but we can dream.
I just realised how terrifying eating a fireball is without the downside.

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Fear me, destroyer of armies.
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