A 1 unit contest

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--Create the best lightning based minion you can--


A 100 rp price for first place (+ sponsors if any).
A maximum and minimum of 1 piece per person (exept remakes and revised versions).
A minimum of 11 submission before voting start or after 43 days.
Good Luck
Salamander, Undine, Gnome, FrostMephit, Sylph. Someting is missing here.
Fix it, fill the hole. And get rewarded for it.

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into the contribution farm


Mostly just for the wordplay.


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Grid Conductor:


Augments: "Immune to negative lightning effects. Unless petrified:
When lightning-based ability is cast or goes off in adjacent squares, or this unit dies, add 1 shock counter to all adjacent enemies. Frozen enemies get 1 extra shock counter."

Shock (action) or Shocked (status) would be lightning-based stun, in effect same as Freeze / Frozen or Petrify / Petrified. 1 counter means for 1 turn (of both players), same as other status effects show counters currently, and each players turn subtracts 0.5 from overall counter.

Ideas / comments for the suggestion:

  • Since it is only 1 suggestion per person, I tried to combine multiple themes / ideas of Lightning together.
  • Static electricity - stunning around.
  • Electric impulse / current - spreading through conductive environment or electrical grid.
  • Interaction / influence between different status effects.
  • Petrified serves as grounded vs electricity, supressing Lightning effect.
  • Frozen serves as decrease in electrical resistance, amplifying Lightning effect.
  • Being in the middle of he grid (multiple GC) means your Shock counters stack / are added from all of them (if they are triggered), so the stun is potentially lasting longer. Higher voltage is more dangerous :) .
  • Lightning / electricity going off (e.g. device / appliance getting broken) often happens with spike / spark at the end. Here it also adds synergistic / grid-like group effect for GC(s), and means they are not 100% dependent on other type of piece to generate the transfered effect / current. I thought it still might need something else as the potential initial trigger, not having to suffer losses, or being able to do it before, in order to get activation. I thought new summoned / transformed unit could be perceived as spark, but that is not thematically as clean. Suggestions are welcome.
  • GCs are not affected by shock, but still trigger / go off from neighbouring GC, and extending / continuing the impulse further.
  • GC activates and is activated even by enemy lightning abilities, or enemy GC !
  • Could extend (electric :) potential of Lightning based units (Thundermage, Wrath, future additions) beyond long-range long-wait archetype, at least in synergistic / thematic setups.
  • For moveset, this is 1st "trial" (adjustments are allowed). I'm not sure if the diagonal attack wouldn't be seen as too good. With it, GCs would be able to extend the overall grid reach both forward and sideways, while covering each other at the same time. Definitely looking for feedback on it.

Bro, are you trying to contest with butterfly for most confusing moves description on the unit box?

Here is my minion the Nimbus.



PieceMaker-Electric eel.png

My submission: an electric eel

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PieceMaker-Herald (1).png

Once this piece starts moving, it had best not stop, as lightning will always be atop it, ready to kill. But the piece that takes it had best also be wary of the lightning!

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Has it been 43 days yet?

It's been far more than 43 days, when do we win?

I don't think he's coming back. I vote celticdragon for the winner

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