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RE: CEO v0.54 Unit Preview - [Gluttony]

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To be sure and make it clear - does assimilating moveset mean this ? :

  • adding those squares that Gluttony did not have before the kill, e.g. if it had moveset of knight, and it kills warrior, it now has moveset of dragon
  • overwriting previous moveset on squares that were different - if it had moveset of skeleton, and it kills comet, it now has empty moveset - can't do anything

The assimilation by itself is the biggest / widest possibility generator we have on any piece so far. Thank you for taking the time and effort to implement it, I really look forward to trying it and also see its impact. Gluttony would certainly become focus for lot of setup and playstyle experimentation, and balance / cost / farm (acquiring the piece tiers) discussions.

I would prefer it does not have the morale gain component. Now it would not only steal all of the spotlight in general, but also some of the usability of units for which the morale gain was the main theme or reason to include them. Its own theme is the biggest already, let it get evaluated / played out as a standalone / distinct mechanic, and let the other morale generators keep their chances to see play :) .



these are correct, although:

if it had moveset of skeleton, and it kills comet

it would have the comet triggers... lol

I would prefer it does not have the morale gain component.

this number being '5' is more of an upper-bound rather than what it will probably do. The idea here is that gluttony has insatiable hunger - a theme which is quite different if 'eating' a unit is a downgrade with no upside to himself. If 2 units target the same enemy gluttony always wants the kill regardless of moveset specifics - so at minimum he will have '+1' for this theme. It would also be strange for a massive unit to have small value in trades, so this aspect is fitting in that regard as well, and finally, it would be strange for your army to not have some morale boost from having gluttony becoming more powerful, so it makes sense from multiple thematic perspectives, I think.

Yes, the triggers I should have mentioned, if I wanted to clarify things :) , but it is the way I expected, thanks.

Thematically, morale gain fits nicely, no contest here. What I am afraid of - Gluttony sucking out other morale gainers dry :) in terms of their played rate / army building. And inside match, becoming strong in both moveset and morale, so it is a big threat itself, and can help sustain other losses too well. Also, letting enemy Gluttony "kill to downgrade" I find as nice idea / tactic for counterplay, loss of my material seems as enough sacrifice already :) . However, this is just me thinking out loud the theme / fantasy of the unit and its effects, not a hard balance stance or serious concern.

Considering some of the combos this thing can gain, aswell as the theme of gluttony, it could act a little like FE; Gains moral on kill but slowy drains because of hunger.

And does it assimilate current moveset of the unit (e.g. Gluttony eating other modified Gluttony), or it's base (same way as e.g. Envy copies base / unmodified unit) ?

would it make sense if I answered by saying voidmage/gluttony is a terrible combo?

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